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Graphics coming along

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 03:20:14

With less than a week, things are getting quite frantic with the project, ugh.

Managed to get keyframe animation in, and some particle system stuff. Still frustum culling and collision detection to do, icky.

Here is a new shot


A5: more texture mapping, and fog

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 01:18:34

Made slight progress today, but more or less took the day off due to illness.

Here is a new shot… quite creepy

I think I’m going straight to hell, heh


A5: texturing and displacement

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 23:57:20

Got a little ways in the graphics project today, displacement mapping and texturing seems to work.

here is a screenshot showing a plane with displacement, textured with a really bad temporary wood texture (that tiles).. the bluey sphere in the middle is the position the sperm will take (camera fixed).

Broken Google

Filed under: General — 19day @ 23:54:07

As I’m just really bored, I’ve decided to post about broken google.

For the first time I’ve ever seen, the google main page image is broken, looks like they were trying to put up a st patrick’s day related one, ah well.

Here’s the screencap

As of 11:53pm, it’s still broken.

Note: This is I’m talking about here

A5 (Project) underway

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 01:35:51

Since there’s nothing else going on in my life, might as well post about graphics project.

Started it in earnest now, with actually very little time left… looks like I’ve screwed myself, heh. anyway, here is the final proposal, hopefully it isn’t as terrible as all that. I’ll probably post with progress over the next couple weeks.



A4 Defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 03:09:42

More Mystery Science Theater 3000, and, mysteriously enough, this became sort of an advert for a particular italian soft drink… but I assure you, it happened organically.
crow, tom, brio

This is the output from the raytracer I just spent 12 hours a day for the past 9 days working on.

Here is the manual

Edit: Now the picture links to a bigger version of the image

Edit 2: Got the mark back, I guess my scene was only 50% better than baseline acceptable. Begs the question, why the hell did I work so hard on it? Alas.

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