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Checkpoint – Extended Play

Filed under: General — 19day @ 23:46:29

My mass reduction regime has reached its first milestone. I’ve lost my first 20 pounds. I decided that instead of my usual choice of a single insurmountable goal, that I would go for several, smaller insurmountable goals instead. I picked 20 pound increments that divided evenly into my weight at the time, bought a scale, and have been monitoring myself.

Through a combination of what I like to call a food-reduced diet, and using my elliptical (admittedly I’m not using it as much as I had hoped, due to lack of time these days), have brought me to my first goal in something around 2 months. I had one fall-off-the-wagon last weekend where I ate rather more than I should have, and drank a lion’s share of 3 pitchers of beer while watching the Canada Men’s hockey team in the semi-final olympic match, I ended up gaining 8 pounds back (or so the scale said the next day), but it settled down after that, I should avoid intoxicants for this reason.

Aside: I’ve drunk water at home exclusively for a while now, I used to use crystal light, but I ditched the Aspartame and now I put a bit of lemon juice in it and sometimes some splenda for fun (and I await the day that they say that splenda is actually death in powder form). Anyway, I noticed on the lemon juice label (and the lime juice one I also have) that it is not a significant source of a variety of things, but was surprised when it included Vitamin C. Wasn’t the whole Limey’s being a reference to the British because of them using lime juice to stave off scurvy. I find it a little worrisome. (Addendum: Apparently the pasteurization destroys it, and it isn’t readded, oh well, best take my vitamin pills)

Despite the first checkpoint having been reached, there are still very many more checkpoints to reach. How many more? Not telling. Especially since I have no clear idea when I will claim success. If there is an absolute value where one goes from being ‘fat’ to not being ‘fat’, probably a little below there before I make the next plan. Motivation? Let’s be upbeat and say it’s so I can fit into a normal-sized-person’s coffin.

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