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The Importance of Context

Filed under: General — 19day @ 14:13:44

Co-worker/friend/gangster Salman is leaving work at the end of this week to pursue his developing dreams (that is, his dream is to do development, and I assume the dreams are fully formed).

Our team signed a card for him, others had already signed and used up the usual “best of luck with your new job” and “nice working with you” sentiments, so I decided to fall back on my angry-humour and write about all the icky modules he took care of that I’ll likely have to do now that he leaving.

I wrote this in the card, see if you can spot the part where context really really really matters:

“Oh Salman, how I’ll miss you, let me count the ways… DST, WBMail, LEAN… every time I touch DST instead of you, I’ll cry a little inside.
Bon chance with your new job.
– Shawnathan”

I promise that I won’t touch any of my co-workers more than is *absolutely* needed, .. from now on :D

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