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Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:11:38

I just added a captcha to the comments section. It used to be that I had to moderate every comment that was posted, because the word list, no matter how much I added to it, wouldn’t catch them very well, and I lowered the URL content to 1 without needing moderation, but the spams sometimes only use 1, so I lowered it to 0, or basically, I moderate all the time, and it was a bit confusing for some people, since it didn’t even tell you (I put in a message myself, but alas)

So I got a library to do it.. well, I didn’t like the image it generated, so I took another library, and then tore it apart, keeping only bits of it, then shoved it in the shell of the first. There are some unfortunate weaknesses of the current system, so I might go back and essentially rewrite the whole thing, but for the moment, let’s see if it’s sufficient.

You can comment away.

I’d also like to note that for some reason my Bandwidth Bandits post has been very popular for this, 33 spam comments in 5 days for that, pretty much out of the blue (in terms of particular focus, I get sprinkings).. and all that for what I think is a virtually unknown blog, alas. I feel sorry for those who say things of worth.

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