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Fat Man Wants His Food

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:34:09

Okay, so I had a whiny entry up here before, but I took it down because it was a shade more whiny than I generally want to go for, so here’s a different Whiny Entry, but it’s pretty basic stuff, adventures with Pizza Pizza.

I order from it relatively frequently, having discovered their online ordering system. Sweet, don’t even need to talk to someone who has a thick accent and not have a clue if they got down anything I ordered.

So I did it again today, nothing seemed amiss. Got the confirmation email,

Order was Placed at 08:30 PM on Sep 15th, 2006

Pizza Pizza has a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied,
call us back and we will be happy to send a replacement for larger items such as
pizza or wings, or, for smaller items such as
dipping sauce or pop, we will provide a credit.

Complete details on our guarantees can be found on our website under the heading
“About Us”.

your order is guaranteed to be there within 40 minutes or it is free.

Thank You for ordering from Pizza Pizza.

It was about 9:10 when I wondered where they were, since it usually didn’t take them the full 40 minutes to get here. I gave it another 20 and decided to call “my local 11-11″ number, and got a thick accented person, but at least I could understand them.

“Delivery or Pickup”

“Actually, a missing delivery. I ordered on the Online Ordering system, and it’s been an hour, I’m wondering what happened to the order”

“Oh, just a second…… okay, transfer you”

So phoning my local 11-11 number is just a waypoint, joy

“Hello [welcome, no one here can help you, please listen to our ads, oh, and we have many exceptions to the delivery guarantee, like weather, technical issues, personal freshness....]”

some amount of time later…I get through to someone who seemed very nice about it all, and told me how some glitch in the online system made all orders from the moment I made mine to the moment I called fail to dispatch. She took my order herself and said it would be on them… quite nice actually, since tech difficulties is one of the things they say is my fault in their opening diversion.

Now, around 10:10, I wait, 10:30, and the guy buzzes. I receive my long awaited pizza and brio, and he asks me for money.

“Uh, it’s supposed to be free”


“Uh, yeah… I phoned your place and was transfered, you know, missing order….you know?”

He proceeds to phone home and talked to whomever picked up, presumably someone in charge. They exchanged words in another language, and apparently, yeah, it was supposed to be free, fancy that. Pity no one told him.

I still gave him a tip.

Now, 10:30, and I have my pizza. First meal of the day (don’t start)


I Pronounce You Man and java.lang.NullPointerException

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:05:30

Okay, so that was a pretty geeky title, and may help to explain the current situation … but jeeze, is like everyone I know getting married here?

I casually check my references (those linking here) and I come across what I have to assume is a secret blog of someone who likes to link out but not tell anyone. Obviously someone I know since they link outright to several other people I know. Reading some of it I manage to deduce who it is (there are photo’s, but cleverly devoid of the absolute certainty, though now that I’ve made the deduction, it seems fairly clear, heh), and also included is the new that they are engaged. Casually linking one of the friend’s links shows that they too are engaged (though I think I might have already known that)

This on top of a recent trip where another one of my friends is near ready to engage in years long plans to have some large multiple of kids, and people who I’m being introduced to having been married some time earlier that day, and so on and so forth.

It brings up chilling memories of french class, as everyone would pair off, but even back then, I was unpopular enough to be left to my self. Of course, marriage is perhaps a little more involved that quizzing each other on Mrs. D Vandertramp, but still, I’m nearing shock-levels, where did I go wrong?

Oh, forget that, pretty sure I know what happened, somewhere between my hand and my mouth. Of course, at times like this, the usual response from people is not to compare yourself to others. Which is fine, I guess, but it does seem to just mask the problem… it’s like going to the doctor with blood pouring from your eyes, and the doctor saying not to compare yourself with the others who don’t have that happening… very comforting perhaps, as you slowly bleed to death. I suppose comfort is all you could offer someone in that position anyway.

Wow, that’s a bit of a downer. Okay, probably should never post about things like this again. I should stick to amusing send ups of video games with captioned pictures.

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