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The Day The Universe Changed

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:17:20

I love James Burke. When I was young, perhaps 10 or more years ago, my brother brought home a couple tapes of a couple shows taped off channels that we didn’t get. The shows were some episodes of Connections, and some of The Day the Universe Changed. We both enjoyed them instantly. And I’ve come to realize that it’s one of those shows that some people get, and other people don’t. I’ve tried to show some of it to friends over the years, but no one ever found them interesting or entertaining at all.

But I do. I’ve watched Connections, Connections 2 (actually, this one’s not very good), Connections 3 (better, but a lot of the connections were how someone’s name started with the same letter as someone elses name, meh), The Day the Universe Changed (this is the stuff), After the Warming. I have some of the books, (Connections, Axe Maker’s Gift, Knowledge Web), and even the pretty-lame point and click adventure game.

Watch this, if it interests you, go find more. If not, thanks for your time.

I love that theme music

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