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Get Ready, I’m Going to Flash You

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:46:04

It’s that time again, I’ll just post a few links to a couple flash games I’ve played recently that I’ve enjoyed.

Music Catch – Minimalistic but soothing little game, collect the shapes for points, get a high multiple, avoid the bad shapes… all set to a nice bit of piano music. Pity there aren’t other songs. Not really that challenging or exciting, but a nice wind-down game.

Chronotron – Collect the time item and return to your Tardis, but of course, you can’t, so you need to revisit yourself in the past and have your past selves help you. This idea has been done before, but this version is pretty neat. But buggy, since your past selves sometimes fail to do what they once did.

5 Differences – Given a left and right panel, find and click on the 5 differences. Seems pretty boring, but the artistic qualities are engaging, for me anyway.

6 Differences – The sequel, which adds really nice sound, new effects, weird mirror image rounds, generally kind of spooky (for some reason, it reminds me of Egyption Jukebox, imagine that with “spot the difference”). Art here is really interesting too, it’s like the game is trying to tell a story, but I’m not sure what it is. Some of the differences here are frustratingly subtle, or are so dark (on my monitor) that it was quite frustrating. But for a “spot the difference” game, this is one I’ve played more than once, as seemingly silly as that sounds.

Procrastination would have be my middle name, but my parents never got around to it.


Funny and Poignant

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:04:32

I found this but can’t remember where, and nothing is on it to indicate whom to credit, so I’ll just say I didn’t draw this, but it’s hilarious. The context was something about internet dating, but it applies to me since I often start my courting process using the net, to disasterous consequence.

The image after the jump

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