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I can Speak English, I Learned it from a Book

Filed under: General — 19day @ 23:29:31

As my little footer bar indicates, my webhost is Canadian Web Hosting. I got them because, well, they are canadian. And they host. Web.

Anyway, I decided to poke around their FAQ some time ago, and I saw this bit. Now, my English isn’t great, in fact, according to FireFox 2.0’s spell checker, I’ve already made (and ignored) some mistakes. My grammar must be far worse. Comma, splices, be, damned.

Anyway, here is where they web host sets the record straight for any disbelievers:

8. Many Companies claim to be Canadian and have servers in Canada but they are not. Are you really Canadian?

Yes. is owned by Canadian and operated by Canadian. We have been in the web hosting business for over 8 years, operating in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

– from

Owned and operated by Canadian, eh? My instinct is that it should be Canadians, or equally correct but more worrisome, a Canadian.

Now, Canada being the fruit cake multicultural place that it is has lots of people who speak broken English. Fine, but this kind of mistake, if it is indeed a mistake, in that critical attempt to show the truth of things, I find hilarious.

Now let’s go back to that…building…thingy, where our beds and TV…is

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