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There are not many anagrams of Book

Filed under: General — 19day @ 02:27:47

This is a little delayed, and violates my usual rule of not talking about work, but as it’s a major change, I’ll go ahead.

So I finally left Infor.  I seemed to me that I might end up there forever, as I was comfortable (in a way) and was settled far longer than may of my friends who came and went.  So I was there, for four and a half years, but finally, through a former collegue, found an exit vector (after a couple of irritating false starts elsewhere).

I’m now, and have been for the past 3 business days, an employee of Kobo.  Kobo, was until very very recently, called Shortcovers, but now we’re off with a new name.  I left a number of friends, and a large amount of domain knowledge behind in this move.  Hopefully I can find some friends and find my bearings sooner rather than later.

Unrelated to this change, but happening at nearly the same time, was my suffering what I consider to be the greatest emotional setback in my life so far.  It’s left me very raw, and very uncertain, and it’s just unfortunate this had to happen so close to the stress of starting a new job.  I won’t go into any details on this aspect of recent events, as, after all, this is “not a journal”.

Maybe one day I’ll make an e-book of my melodramas and sell it, now that’s synergy.

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