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Three Dee

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 02:34:42

For some reason I was looking at some old renderings I had done. Some are okay, some are shite, but I’ve posted images before and thought, why not upload some of them to youtube and show them. And so I did, and so here they are.

This was from my eternally-on-hiatus game Asylum, this was the title screen which I had created some time before. My brother reads the first line from the poem that started it all, 191919. Moonlight bled off the store’s old copper roof and trickled down into the filthy street below.

This was the opening movie for the Asylum demo, where the ‘level’ consisted of mainly looking around the office room I had built for an ill-fated 191919 zine web interface.

One of the few movie-animated bits in the Asylum demo, a fridge door that opened and if you clicked it again, closed (the movie was combined into one for storage). Inside some Brio’s and a clockwork orange, why? why not.

The end animation of the demo, going down the drain. I spent forever on that bathroom and it still looks like crap.

A toy movie created for Asylum, when I was thinking of giving it a Phrenologic angle. Various screencaps of this animation indicated my mental state on my work MSN account for the first year of employment

This was a requested animation asset for someone’s editing demo project, they produced a commercial for Family Channel’s christmas lineup. I created this ending segway-logo thing. There was another bit to this that was just the f-circle logo getting snowed on, and then it would spin off the accumulated snow, and was meant as a watermark in the lower right corner during the commercial run. That animation appears to be lost to the ages.

Another request, this one for an animation for a school DVD. The hallway of lockers was supposed to be Matrix-like, which failed I think. Then it zoomed up on the marker-board where the menu options would appear, and then when chosen, fly through the back of the locker for lack of anything better to do.

This is an old demo video of Zygote. Camtasia capturing the video in Windows XP of the game running through Cygwin and being pretty crappy OpenGL code. So the sound breaks up pretty badly. Apologies to Katamari Damacy, and I left in the great production values at the end.

I have a few other video’s tucked away, but they can wait for another day


A5 defeated… me

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 20:44:43


Some of you (the ones who read this page.. which I guess is…. me) may have been wondering where I’ve been. Well, been working non stop on my graphics final project, and it’s amazing how a blog can become not so much a blog, but a progress report on the graphics course, when people take graphics. Alas, I didn’t post blow-by-blow info on the project, pity, might have been good to break up to monotony. Anyway, it’s done, got the demo tomorrow. It’s quite bad actually, the game.. well, compared to what I had in my head.

You know your game is in trouble when the collision detection routine you had working ‘perfectly’ only the day before, suddenly lets enemy components travel outside the game universe.

Only wish I could detect that, then I’d have a woman’s voice say “this is an illegal exit, you must return to the game grid”, alas.

In that same theme, here is an amusing website, a list of things that might happen When you know your game is in trouble

I’ll post shots of my game later I guess.

Edit: Here is a thumbnail page of shots

Edit2: Here is the manual


Graphics coming along

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 03:20:14

With less than a week, things are getting quite frantic with the project, ugh.

Managed to get keyframe animation in, and some particle system stuff. Still frustum culling and collision detection to do, icky.

Here is a new shot


A5: more texture mapping, and fog

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 01:18:34

Made slight progress today, but more or less took the day off due to illness.

Here is a new shot… quite creepy

I think I’m going straight to hell, heh


A5: texturing and displacement

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 23:57:20

Got a little ways in the graphics project today, displacement mapping and texturing seems to work.

here is a screenshot showing a plane with displacement, textured with a really bad temporary wood texture (that tiles).. the bluey sphere in the middle is the position the sperm will take (camera fixed).

A5 (Project) underway

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 01:35:51

Since there’s nothing else going on in my life, might as well post about graphics project.

Started it in earnest now, with actually very little time left… looks like I’ve screwed myself, heh. anyway, here is the final proposal, hopefully it isn’t as terrible as all that. I’ll probably post with progress over the next couple weeks.



A4 Defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 03:09:42

More Mystery Science Theater 3000, and, mysteriously enough, this became sort of an advert for a particular italian soft drink… but I assure you, it happened organically.
crow, tom, brio

This is the output from the raytracer I just spent 12 hours a day for the past 9 days working on.

Here is the manual

Edit: Now the picture links to a bigger version of the image

Edit 2: Got the mark back, I guess my scene was only 50% better than baseline acceptable. Begs the question, why the hell did I work so hard on it? Alas.



Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 18:53:34

Started working on my graphics project (instead of… say… working on the last assignment which is due first, or studying for the midterm which is tomorrow)

Anyway, got a slight animation sample here, think it looks good enough.



A3 defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 17:45:08

Robot Roll Call – CamBot…. Gypsy…. Tom Servo….

CROOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! (That’s one ‘o’)

So here’s my puppet for the third graphics assignment. If you’ve never seen any of Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you are unlikely to know what this is, anyway, enjoy.


Here’s the manual

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