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Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 18:53:34

Started working on my graphics project (instead of… say… working on the last assignment which is due first, or studying for the midterm which is tomorrow)

Anyway, got a slight animation sample here, think it looks good enough.



A3 defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 17:45:08

Robot Roll Call – CamBot…. Gypsy…. Tom Servo….

CROOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! (That’s one ‘o’)

So here’s my puppet for the third graphics assignment. If you’ve never seen any of Mystery Science Theater 3000, then you are unlikely to know what this is, anyway, enjoy.


Here’s the manual

Feb 14th, we meet again

Filed under: General — 19day @ 17:38:27

I’m really starting to dislike this month, not this instance of it in particular, but this month in general, as a month. It contains one of the more annoying days of the year, Valentine’s Day. Now, I dislike it anyway, the day, because basically it is just an attempt to get us to buy slips of ink covered cardboard, dead and soon to be rotting vegitation, and wax covered calories in boxes shaped like stretched labia… for someone whom we’re already presumed to have feelings for. A special day seems needless, and a moneygrab. Yes.

Except, the real irritation is that it’s a day where everyone is quite visibly in pairs, and nature abhors the single. And it provides a good benchmark, a stone in the road that one finds on each annual circle to remind themselves that nothing has changed, and, in this case, are now significantly worse.

Alas, I also find that if romantic disasters of any kind happen to me, they will happen in this month too, somewhere, as they have before, have now… and dare I stoop to beleive that they are likely to happen again in future. Basically, I’m going to say I don’t know. I put a lot of effort into convincing myself that nothing good will ever happen to me, based solely on the known nothingness I have come to experience… that used to be good enough for me. But I’ve also come to hope for things so extremely that I figure they must happen, cannot help but happen… to find that it happening was so far from what was likely or even physically possible that most would laugh at the prospect. So I can just as easily beleive in the inevitability of the good as well as the bad, and although I have experienced, I feel, a lot more of the bad than the good, I guess I might as well reduce myself down to what is actually knowable. Namely, nothing.

So I resolve my soul to free, through expecting and, through some extension, hoping for nothing, for hope drives expectation. I will endevour never to expect the good, or the bad, and live in a continuous series of moments, and whatever happens, happens, and no patterns exist.

I also have to remember that wise old saying, which I cannot remember entirely, but goes something like this: No matter how great you think someone is, someone somewhere is sick of their crap.


lies, and other expectations

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:15:22

This is a feeling I’ve had before, but I’m going to put down for the first time (I think it’s the first time at least). The incongruity between what people say, and what they end up doing. I find this a lot when looking for a relationship, like, she says she doesn’t want to be in a relationship because the last one she was in ended badly. Or she can’t end up with me as her culture forbids it. Or she figures she probably won’t end up with anyone anyway…. etc etc. The thing I find true about all of these statements, is that when someone truly worthwhile comes along, all those rules (or lies, which makes the whole confusion disappear of course) drop away. I also find that I am never the one for whom the ‘rule’ is broken.

Once in a while, but only once in a while mind you, I think it would be refreshing to experience something genuine.

A2 defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 22:03:36

Second graphics assignment is done and marked. This one was a little less impressive visually, but all the work was in the math. We had to, given points, translate, rotate, scale, view, project them properly, and then draw the resultant 2d lines in the viewport… manually. Lots of matrix multiplication I can tell you.

Here’s a shot:

And here is the manual (due to who’s apparent ‘conversational language’ I lost a half mark) here

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