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Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:01:13

Not much has been going on actually, other than the constancy of work. Sweet constancy.

At my brother’s request, I’ll talk about my tooth. See, haven’t been to a dentist in a long while, but I managed to hurt one of my teeth a while back, clenching while at the gym, or perhaps eating something hard, not sure, but in any case, it hurt a bit. Eventually it hurt enough that I didn’t eat with the left side of my mouth, but it didn’t hurt on its own, so I sort of left it alone. After a few weeks of that, I was out to brunch with friends when I noticed a little bit of my tooth in that area was now moving about independently in a manner I wasn’t at all sure I liked. I went to the dentist the following week and discovered a filling I had forgotten I even possessed had broken away a bit. A refilling later and all was well… but then came the diagnostic (where they don’t actually fix anything, they just check to see how much money they can make off me), so I have appointments from here until 2009 I think. Also, my insurance company, though taking the forms electronically, seems less than keen to actually pay me off, so I’ll have to deal with that one.

Other than that, I’ve had to go out and get some new elements for a suit, since current elements no longer fit. Sadly. It’s for a christmas party so I have to at least not embarrass myself, so new clothes were a requirement. So my mother of course recommends going to our local George Richards, for the fat and tall (I’m there obviously because of my height), and in usual fashion, something is amiss. At Yorkdale, it is in an outer strip of the mall that isn’t connected to the main promenade, so you head outside and walk along. I remembered from the last time I was there, a year earlier, that it was right next to a similar shop for women. I saw that. And next to it, a gaping hole in the strip of stores. The store I was looking for was not merely closed for the day, or having gone out of business, it was physically gone, to be replaced with some other thing that hadn’t been constructed yet. In dismay I kept walking in a huge semicircle barricade that had been set up for pedestrians getting around the construction zone, looking at the other stores to see if I could find a clothing store at all. Luckily, down at the far side, I found the store I was looking for, it had just moved. Now, most people wouldn’t think much of this, but this kind of thing happens to me (or in the case of restaurants, to my friends) with annoying frequency.

In any case, I bought my giant dressy burlap sacks, and I shall be the beast of the ball. or somesuch

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