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Kissing no one at midnight

Filed under: General — 19day @ 00:07:02

And here we are at 2008. 2007, we hardly knew you.

I put on the CityTV broadcast of the new years stuff at Nathan Phillip’s Square, as soon as it was on they played that damned Hey There Delilah song again, the one I already got sick of last summer when the radio at the cottage played it as every other song.

Most of my friends (so I assume) are at another party to which I was not part. Others are not available. I pretty well resolved to spend this one alone, but a couple people pitched gatherings at the last minute, but I started not feeling well on the 30th, I fear I may have caught something my mother had (which seemed to only result in headaches and sleep, which is what I’m stuck with). Anyway, seeing as how badly last new years went for me, being alone but still well (compared to last year anyway) is quite a boon. Being alone is both preferable, and sucky. I’m certainly still aligned with the title of this entry, and I recall the only other time I was kissed at new years, quite the impulsive misstep on the lady’s part, it was described as terrible or something akin to that, so I guess that all works itself out.

New Year’s resolutions, well, it’s pretty much down to the one, lose weight, all other priorities rescinded. All other hopes in previous years just sit and spoil, time to shed them entirely and address them once the major blockers are cleared.

Onwards to 2009, may that year bring change. I’m personally celebrating 2008 with a bottle of DIY icewine, and perhaps several more, the night is young.

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