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Exams done, term over, life pointless

Filed under: General — 19day @ 04:53:10

So I finished all my exams, got some marks back, and as expected, I end the term on a wimper, but I do appear to end the term.

Soon enough I’ll have convocation, and in the mean time I need to find employment, and work until I die.

And until then, I am completely aimless…

I move home tomorrow (today), haven’t slept, not finished packing.. am tired… very much yes

2005-04-13 broken again

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:05:34

Yeah, I’m quite bored, and notice that, for the second time this term, is borked.

Now it looks like they check the agent, and for firefox, but not IE for example, it gets served up a different page,, which is just wrong, and you can’t gangsay it any other way without using, or switching browsers. good on you google, you have again triumphed against yourself, and plain common sense.

Here’s the shot


1 exam down, 3 to go

Filed under: General — 19day @ 00:05:22

Well, graphics is done, very much done… so much done that it would take me with it. The exam was just horrible… but I think I passed, but as passing required a 30% or so on this exam, that is both saying not much, and a lot.

Oh, and also got the project marks back… I did okay, I guess, could have done better. And I certainly didn’t do well enough to get gold standing in the award thingy. Nor silver, bronze, or honourable mention. Alas, as was expect, people’s beliefs that I would do well based on my previous 3D experimentation were, of course, misplaced.

Oh well, 3 exams to Wendy’s


A5 defeated… me

Filed under: Graphics, zygote — 19day @ 20:44:43


Some of you (the ones who read this page.. which I guess is…. me) may have been wondering where I’ve been. Well, been working non stop on my graphics final project, and it’s amazing how a blog can become not so much a blog, but a progress report on the graphics course, when people take graphics. Alas, I didn’t post blow-by-blow info on the project, pity, might have been good to break up to monotony. Anyway, it’s done, got the demo tomorrow. It’s quite bad actually, the game.. well, compared to what I had in my head.

You know your game is in trouble when the collision detection routine you had working ‘perfectly’ only the day before, suddenly lets enemy components travel outside the game universe.

Only wish I could detect that, then I’d have a woman’s voice say “this is an illegal exit, you must return to the game grid”, alas.

In that same theme, here is an amusing website, a list of things that might happen When you know your game is in trouble

I’ll post shots of my game later I guess.

Edit: Here is a thumbnail page of shots

Edit2: Here is the manual

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