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Pain and Loathing in Georgian Bay

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:06:30

I just returned from an entirely too short a weekend up at a cottage near Georgian Bay. It belongs to a guy named John who I know through another friend. Spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday until nightfall up there. It was really a nice area, got to do some fun things I had never done before, and as Curtis wasn’t there, somehow fate deemed me to be the recipient of all the injuries. I’ll likely blog about the cottage trip in a more positive way once Alicia sends me all the photo’s she took and I can put together a storyboard entry. However, right now, I’ll deal with the injuries.

So a pre-existing one that has been exacerbated is on my left foot. I have some painful blisters and open sores relating to something I haven’t quite worked out, but appears to be mild athletes foot (amusing since I am no athlete). Anyway, walking around in sandles really opened them up and caused some bleeding.

Another set of injuries happened on both feet, the top of my left foot, and the underside of the big toe on my right foot. Caused by sharp stones and zebra mussels while swimming after an inflated tube that had gotten away from Alicia. Very sharp cuts which are at least healing quickly since they were so cleanly sliced. However, more bleeding and pain occured.

Most painful was what happened to my big toe nail on my right foot. I had taken the SeaDoo out for a ride, got to 55mph on it, only the second time on it, and the first time I managed to go that fast. Never fell off, never had a close call… but on dismount I smashed my big toe on what I figure was a rock in the sand in the water. My toe bled profusely around the nail, and I beleive it turned black for a while. Right now it weeps fluid when I put pressure on it (like when walking), and it aching lightly. I don’t know if I’ll lose the nail. If I do, it will be the second time.

And the strangest injury I have is a bruise on my right arm on the underside. Not sure how I got it, and I think I first noticed it yesterday, so I figure whatever happened occured saturday morning or friday night. It’s looking quite evil. Laura suggested it could have been a spider bite, which did little to reassure me. Further, I looked up spider bite on google images, and I decided that I’d rather have it be a bruise.

ugly bruise

The loathing part I think can be covered by my own feelings of myself when it comes to some things I noticed about me this weekend, but I’ll keep that to myself.


What is the Secret Crazy?

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:25:29

Again, it seems people (and as a consequence, google) is very interested in my photo that I did for a little contest (well, just people submitted, for fun, we weren’t going to win anything) to do an interesting alteration to a source image.

But people have linked (hot linked, thank you very much) to it so much (without citing the source) that it now appears on and’s image search in the second position (it fluctuates, but at least on the first page of results) when performing an image search on the word ‘junk’, just becuase the image is in my junk directory :P

Anyway, here it is again, with the source image for comparaison:

The altered picture

Mouse over to see the source image (wait as it loads)

Here are the larger version of the two images:

Anyway, it’s fun blogging with recycled material.


Fire in the Head

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:30:26

This is a journey into an event that occured at my house back home two weeks ago, but I only recently got these pictures to tell it.

We had a huge pile of wood in the firepit waiting to be burned, it had been sitting around for years, that is, it was good and dry and probably would have gone up by itself before long. We get a burn permit, and intend to burn all that dead wood.

Bad things occured to someone during this fire, just seconds before it began. Here is the aftermath (you can click all these pictures for the gorey details):

A crater where the fire pit used to be

Note that the usual bounds of the firepit are described by the bricks.
suspicious canister

See if you can spot the alarming thing in this shot
melted gascan

The fire exinguisher was not always there,
the gas jug was originally right next to the pit, and has lost its deposit
another shot of the pit

The desolation of Smaug
scorched earth

The firestarter suffered a similar fate as the weeds

The poor fire starter here won’t be named, since using gasoline, without letting the vapours dissapate, on 2 year old bone dry wood, is perhaps not the best thing to do. 1st and 2nd degree burns later, they are doing fairly well. The pit has started to recover, but perhaps next time a couple balls of paper would do.

At least they remembered to stop, drop, and roll.


A quarter

Filed under: General — 19day @ 19:23:39

So it’s my birthday today… quarter of a century old.

Didn’t really do a lot… last weekend had Curtis and Alicia over, went to dinner, came back and I put on episode after episode of various shows they hated venomously.

She got me the full boxset of The Office, with an IOU for Mulberry, both britcoms. The first unknown to me but is fairly funny. The second one of my favorite series, and of course, well cancelled.

Curtis made me chocolate truffles that I’m sure took 5 years off my life, but it was worth it. (though I wish I could pick the 5, retroactively being dead through highschool would have been good with me)

And now I guess I’ll reflect on the life I was hoping to have at 25, which in general included less mass, more woman (note the singular) and generally having some sort of life plan.

None of that actually came to pass. I guess I’ll try again for 30.

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