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The story behind 19day:

Well, it all started when my brother Ian met a guy named Chris in Scouts. They became friends and realised they both liked writting small poems and short stories, so they started working together on a few endevours. They wrote quite a few things and decided to compile a 'zine, the name of the 'zine became 191919. The name 191919 was taken from one of their 5 minute switcharoo's (the rules to the 5 minute switcharoo's are as follows: Two or more people are to sit in front of the same number of typewritters, a stopwatch is started and each party begins to write a story of their own creation. After 5 minutes everyone switches typewritters, then they are allowed to read the last few lines and try to pick up where the last person left off in the story, and then they type for another 5 minutes, the process is repeated until a page is filled on each typewritter, or someone dies.)

Anyway, one of their best 5MS was a story, in which my brother, when writing the year of the events, typed 1919, but he felt this was too early in history (it was supposed to be a futuristic story), and since it was an oldstyle typewritter, he just added another 19, making the final year 191919. They liked that year so much they used it as the title of their 'zine, of which 3 issues are in print. But they decided that the actual publishing company should be called something else, for they had other idea's for zines other than 191919, so it wasn't too far of a leap to name the company 19day.

But later on they wanted more publicity, and I decided to rename my handle of S.B.H. to 19day, and then when I started up my site I decided to call it 19day Software Productions, as everyone knew me as 19day anyway. So there you are, that's why 19day exists and where it came from.

I hope you were all duely bored to read this.

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