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Boxing Day is the Anti-Christmas

Filed under: General — 19day @ 09:51:09

So Christmas has passed, new year is almost upon us. So I thought I should file a new post before that happens.

Christmas itself was fine, though the surprise of my ‘big gift’ was less that intense… since I had already discussed with my mother the need for a new TV, and when I got home on the 23rd there was a big box by the tree, so big that they didn’t bother wrapping it and just put a festive cloth of some sort over it, not quite covering the bottom where the box described it’s various input ports. It’s a nice big TV, I can’t remember the inches, but it’s huge compared to the old one, and it’s flatscreen… that is, the screen is flat, but it’s not the ones that are only an inch deep, no, this thing has a hell of a rear end, and, unfortunately, weighs quite a lot. It would be easier to just build the next place I’ll live around it rather than moving out.

On the 24th, went to the family gathering which is tradition, and met some new people, which was odd for a family gathering. Well, it was a relation of mine, and some of her friends who came along. I felt supremely out of place, especially since my brother didn’t come, and our side of the family is a bit out of sync with them, as everyone is either 15 years older or 10 years younger. Well, I was at least able to have conversations with the younger people, got to hear about lots of relationship troubles, some of which quite shocking (for lil ol’ Victorian me), including of course that people there, at 15, had gone through four relationships, versus me with my goose egg, alas. And also had one of the little-boy teens try to bounce things off my gut, so all in all it was up to par with my usual interactions.

In terms of my gifts for others, they were fairly feeble, I never know what anyone wants. The only significant thing I got was a necklace for one of my friends, a nice Amethyst stone in a square gold mount with little diamonds in a row on the bottom, on a white gold chain. I know there is at least (and probably, at most) one other person who very occasionally reads this non-journal who understands the significance of it, or rather the parallels between past and present, which are certainly but regrettably parallel.

I was home home on boxing day, but my home is now in Toronto, and I was shocked at what happened. Jane Creba was one of many people hit by stray bullets as gangs tried to kill each other, and of course, the only person who died was her, the 15 year old girl. She’s dead, and it doesn’t make me want to believe in heaven for her, but it certainly makes me want to believe in hell for those who did this. Which is probably the only justice they would ever have faced, since I doubt the police will catch them, this city is increasingly bathing in blood. Sure, it’s not as bad as a city in the states, but should we be complaisant just because we haven’t descended to the lowest circle of hell? At least she wasn’t the target, so it’s a matter of being in the wrong trajectory at the wrong time, and not another example of misogyny.

Now I’m depressed, so that’s all for now. I’ll put some new years resolutions here once I’ve thought of any, it’s hard when you’re perfect.
“Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce”


Merry non-denominational-time-of-gathering-of-relatives-who-may-or-may-not-redistribute-wealth-in-present-form

Filed under: General — 19day @ 10:22:41

So it’s close to Christmas, and has actually passed the one year anniversary of this site. Neat. Well, my site has existed in one form or another for years, starting from a geocities account many many moons ago (back when the only requirement was putting a little geocities mention at the bottom of your page and you got a metric meg to work with, so you can tell this was indeed a very very long time ago) then moved to Xoom until just before they died, then to Marcade’s server when this page was vaguely QB related, then when that got sold off, I decided it was about time for me to buy my own space, which I did a year ago.

So has anything changed since then? No.

Well, graduated university and got a job and now live in a big city, but somehow these don’t seem like big events. Again, they are by which a life can occur, the actual life is still elusive. Alas. Actually, been going through a rough emotional time recently, things have been quite difficult, but as this is my Not-Journal, I’ll distinguish it by not going into any more detail, snap.

I’ll be going home tonight for the holidays, and then I’ll be back for the three days (28, 29, 30) for more fun work while virtually everyone is on vacation. I decided to save mine up for a rainy week. Then got new years when I can reflect on the utter non-advancement of life, ever growing mass, and other funnities. Yes, a word I just made up, but I’ll use it.

Only two shopping days left, I wonder if I should start looking for stuff.


The best laid plans…

Filed under: General — 19day @ 00:05:38

Haven’t updated in a while, haven’t been working on Asylum much either, just little bits here and there. I’m not even sure what I’ve been doing instead… haven’t played any games for a while (PS2 was such a waste of money, heh), but I also can’t sleep very well… I just sort of have been existing with no real product for it.

Anyway, my latest escapade has been with a mice.. never had a problem with them personally back home, in the woods… but here in toronto, in an apartment, I apparently can’t resist them. About a month ago I killed one trying to trap it in a chip bag it had wondered into in my bedroom… I lightly tossed a plate to cut off it’s escape, and walloped it with the plate in the bag… at least cleanup was easy.

But last weekend I discovered that at least two more mice were in residence behind the fridge, and as they are field mice, move at 0.97c. I figure they got in from the hallway since my front door has about an inch of clearence. Anyway, finally found traps at my local convenience store. Round one was last night.

I lost… I lost versus the mice. See, I bought glue-based traps, put some cheese in them and left them around where they like coming out (unfortunately, my kitchen counter). This morning I found one moved quite far from it’s original position, with some marks in the glue, and a few of their lovely diseased pellets in it. Meaning one got stuck, and got unstuck, sometime in the night. Damn, now it will be wise to me.

I left the traps out again while I was at work, they weren’t disturbed… I think I lost the round.

Round two will be tonight, I decided that the humane trap wasn’t going to work, so I bought some snap decapitating ones. I was only able to arm one, the other just kept going off trying to take off my finger. Anyway, maybe it will fall for it, but after narrowly escaping from another oddly placed bit of cheese in the open, I think I’ve lost that important weaponry of surprise.

I don’t want to kill the mice, but if they refuse to get trapped in the humane traps, then I want them out of my kitchen more than I want to wait. I don’t even know how they are alive, there’s nothing to eat around here.

Bringing me to the other thing going on… I’ve gone on a diet, er, food reduced I guess, I’ve made it up. Trying to stay around 500 calories a day, it’s been quite difficult actually, and I’ve violated it a few times. My hopes were never high, but I figure I’ve got to do something. So I tend just to eat soup…. so what are the mice eating? Can they work the can opener?

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