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And This Little Piggy Went “wee, wee, wee” As It’s Hooves Were Slowly Torn Out

Filed under: General — 19day @ 16:46:37

So in a follow up to the cottage entry where I experienced more than my usual share of injury, I’ve finally made some progress with my right big toenail, in that it has finally been extracted.

See, the injury happened mostly on the right hand side of the nail, there was still living connected nailbed on the left side, and I was worried what would happen if it healed like that, where it would form a sort of giant hangnail where the dead nail was connected to the right with fresh nail and to the left with old nail. So I resolved to try to get the whole thing to disconnect so it could heal completely without complication.

So after a couple of weeks of playing with it, the last bit that was hooked down the side came free, to some discomfort, and rather a lot of bleeding. I washed the nail and put it back on, to guide the growth of new nail, and to protect it a bit, but the thing does still weep nasty fluid, but it should be okay.

I have pictures (I would have put pictures of the actual cottage trip up, but I screwed that up to, another time perhaps).

Shot 1, the toe at rest with nail, grossness factor 0.2, just looks like a dead nail
Shot 2, the toenail being pulled out, grossness factor 0.6, but can’t see anything yet
Shot 3, the damaged nailbed, grossness factor 0.9, icky, viewer/sana’a discretion advised
Shot 4, the nail alone in hand, grossness factor 0.7, just the nail, mostly clean

I’m going to a cottage in a couple weeks time, I wonder which bits will fall off me next


More hotlinking fun

Filed under: General — 19day @ 20:32:50

I used to think “no one is going to hotlink off me, my stuff is so esoteric, no need to think about it” but somehow people find my stuff and then hotlink the hell out of it. Myspace is quite bad for that, 13 year old girls posing as 18 year olds and 40 year old guys posing as 13 year olds post lots of stuff, ripping off other sites. As long as the drain is minimal, I don’t mind so much, but for me, if I want to share something, I’ll upload a copy of it, since hotlinking is mean.

Finally tracked down this one guy who was hurting me a bit, by linking one of my damn movies from the junk directory. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from exactly since the referal page never had it, but I kept getting reports from this referer that it was being linked.

I finally found it, on a sub page, and I never spotted it before since it’s a bunch of pictures, and a bunch were broken. So I viewed the source and searched for my domain. The guy freakin linked an mpg in an IMG tag, so it was always broken, but it still touched my server for the bandwidth.

I changed the name of the file (it was the locker animation I had done for my brother’s business way back), it was called fulllocker.mpg, now it’s full_locker.mpg. I decided to see if I could do something else with that, cause now I get 404 errors reported from this hotlink, so I decided to fill it in with an image file, renamed to fulllocker.mpg. Fun stuff.

The obligatory links:
What he wanted, the movie file (for fun)
What he gets, the image file (renamed back to gif for this post so you don’t need to mess with the browser settings, but referenced in an IMG tag this works fine as .mpg extension)


Look out, it’s a Badly Rendered Butterfly

Filed under: General — 19day @ 23:18:59

I haven’t had much going on lately, at least that I feel I should be blogging.. er, journalling…. er, not-journalling about. But recently I’ve made a couple little 3d animations for my brother for wedding video’s he’s been editing. I don’t know what some of these people expect, I mean, he’s like no time to do any real editing, basically take the sometimes massive amounts of footage, crop out the crap (5 minutes on either side of “I do”) and get it on DVD, that is, if he expects to make a positive dollar per hour amount on anything.

But he’ll get someone who says “Oh, I want butterflys flying past the screen during the ceremony” or something. Not usually much he could do about that, but he turned to me wondering if I could whip something up quick. Linked here is the result, which in it’s true form was large, but crappy, but intended to be scaled down and not promenant, so it worked out well for that. The other item is a matchbox using the actual textures scanned from the one they wanted included in their re-nuptuals (in some form or another, how that translated to 3d animations I’m not sure)

In any case, here are my half-efforts, which I put here since I’m running low on topics at late.
Butterfly (DivX)
Matchbox (DivX)

I don’t like weddings myself… *sigh*… always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

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