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Here are some of my older files, in some sort of order
Download Purpose Description
Timed Shutdown
A program that takes a number of hours, minutes and seconds, counts down, and on zero, closes selected windows, ends selected processes, or logs off, restarts or shuts down the computer
shot1 shot2 shot3
It started as a quick little thing to stop my software dvd player. Now quite robust, command line friendly, can do multiple things. Written in VB.NET so framework required. This is not a good bit of code to show how to properly code in VB however, beware
Xphobe (graphical) Graphical Spaceshooter Graphical version of Xphobe, this time in QB, even less complete that Xphobe Text
Xphobe (textual) Text Spaceshooter Odd little text based space game, written in C, not very complete
MazeRPG (RPG level) The third level of MazeRPG MazeRPG was to be 5 seperate games in a continuing story, and all being different kinds of games. Memory problems of QB and my poor art and concept design pretty much killed this one
MazeRPG clues Gives clues to beating first segment of MazeRPG Textual little program that progressively gives clues for solving the first couple puzzles in MazeRPG, made to mimic the invisiclues section of the HHG text game
Graphics fun (crap) Utterly awful graphic format interchange program This was a hack together to transform, basically, gif to bsv format, that was basically it
Maze 1/(infinity) My CS ISU project, chonologically, the first game in the Maze series I dunno, I like the res, hate the color. This is just my attempt at getting a good mark, and I kinda went overboard (compared to some of the other projects) :P
ReadTXT program wrapper for readme text files Horribly inefficient, but was handy enough I guess. Displays text from given file, allowing free scrolling and such, not really worth it anymore
DOSFEDIT A font editor for text modes. A program I wrote in C, it has a few tools and has code to allow one to alter the text font easily.
EDIT FONT A font editor for Enhanced Creations DirectQB lib. Has lots of fuctions, a decent interface, and can do the multiple width characters. Wafn stopped producing his, Angelo`s had a WAYYY nicer interface, but fewer fuctions.
TiredTiles A Tile and Sprite creation program that can save as DATA statements, does 15*15. Imports gifs and cuts out a 15*15 bit for a tile. Had some interesting functionality, but is pretty much crap
MazeRPG (Level 1 and 2) (would have been) many different type combined. First level in memory of Maze I, but level 2 uses standard techniques and such. Download as the prologue of MazeRPG rpg level
Maze I (first game) fun little game Old, programed in Qbasic with no advanced graphical techniques. Needs Qbasic 1.1. Download if you want to know the beginning of the MAZE story.
SuperINI INI parser INI in a very loose sense, in fact, no sense. Basically handled VAR=VALUE entries, anyone could program this, and 100 times better surely
When the Ship Hits the Fan An old, old text game Probably the first thing I ever started writing on my own that is up here, though I helped with MazeI

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