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Asylum Dev journal update

Filed under: Asylum — 19day @ 23:35:15

I suck. It’s been so long since an update, and over two years since the last release, wow… university really sucked the life out of me, and work has left me a little too tired, but I’m determined to start up one of my projects again. The options were working on Asylum, or on Zygote, and as I don’t think I’m ready to deal with porting a heavily unix codebase to windows for the larger casual download market, or to find windows versions of the libraries I’m hooked into, nor do I feel like working on an intelligent sperm game at this time.

So I’m focussing on Asylum… not sure if I’m going to do the code rewrite for managed DirectX on C#. I would lose the use of my wrapper (CDX, makes DirectX on VC6 bearable, but it isn’t being updated anymore, and I certainly don’t feel like rewriting it for Managed DirectX on a .NET language) plus I don’t know how fast it would all be. But if I rewrote it to get away from Direct Draw and use Direct3D methods for a 2D game, I could take advantage of a lot of faster stuff, so it might be worth doing. Anyway, for the moment I’m working on stuff on the existing codebase, and working on ideas for another demo.

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