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Bandwidth Bandits

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:16:00

Have had to implement some hotlinking protection… for some reason my provider can only do All-But-Some blocking, rather than Some-Not-All. So I’ll add domains to the bad-list as they offend. If people asked for permission to link to images on my server, that would be one thing, but to just do it, grrr. I make it a point to upload my own copies of things whenever possible.

Edit: I’ve decided to take that out, for the moment. Looking more closely at the bandwidth consumption, in the end those hotlinks are consuming the most, but of my total, it’s still nothing. So if either those sites that hotlink become more popular, or if my site becomes more popular (unlikely) then I will reimplement the hotlinking denials. It was still interesting to do, having to mess around htaccess itself.

Edit 2: I’ve put them back in, just because I like the no-hotlink image I put in. People can come and ask to be un-hotlink-banned, and I’m curious if anyone will even notice that the images won’t link.

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