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A4 Defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 03:09:42

More Mystery Science Theater 3000, and, mysteriously enough, this became sort of an advert for a particular italian soft drink… but I assure you, it happened organically.
crow, tom, brio

This is the output from the raytracer I just spent 12 hours a day for the past 9 days working on.

Here is the manual

Edit: Now the picture links to a bigger version of the image

Edit 2: Got the mark back, I guess my scene was only 50% better than baseline acceptable. Begs the question, why the hell did I work so hard on it? Alas.


  1. Nice work. I’ll even look past the blatant riping-off of my Brio can… :)

    Comment by Chris — 2005-03-09 @ 01:51:56

  2. damn, I thought Ian did that, so I (mis)appropriated it with relative ease, and credited him as such.

    I guess my memory is going.

    Comment by 19day — 2005-03-09 @ 02:35:08

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