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You awaken after unknown time; yo u hear a voice call to you, a beacon. You are a single sperm, but quite unlike your sibling cells. You are mutated; with abilities not possessed by the others, and you and the ovum have the potential, if joined, to form a new and better being. If the ovum joins with another, despite its own mutation, the chance will be lost. You must advance through the reproductive landscape, avoiding the dangers that beset you. Normally the usual defenses of the body do not attack the foreign sperm cells, but you are so different, that you have been designated a threat. No less so than the other sperm, who do not recognize you as being from the same originating genes. You must defend yourself, advance, find new mutations, food, and flagellate your way to the Ova, who must accept the first to reach her, and you must be that one, to form the ZYGOTE

This is an interactive OpenGL game, where you play a sperm. This was my final project for CS488 at the University of Waterloo. The download includes all the assets and source for the game.

After unzipping, go to the src directory and type 'make', copy the zygote executable to the zygote folder root, and run it. This program required the libpng, lua, and sdl libraries.

Zygote source
Zygote screenshots

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