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Filed under: General — 19day @ 19:34:37

Am I wrong for thinking this is hilarious? It appeals to my tech side like the ones where people processed a video a bunch of times on youtube, or an mp3 a bunch of times to see what the artifacts are. It also appeals to my sense of timing where it goes on longer than you think, and the hesitation between each round just makes it funnier.



Game memories #1

Filed under: General — 19day @ 04:02:55

In something I feel might be a series (hence the #1), here are some game memories I’ve dredged up recently, starting with a couple frustrating ones.

I watch a lot of let’s plays, which are basically videos of people playing games, not speedruns (though I watch those too), just people playing through the game, maybe showing off most of it, or sometimes 100% runs. Basically I like seeing the games I remember but no longer have or cannot contemplate running them on my current computer or consoles.

I was reminded recently of a game I used to play on a system I’ve later determined to be the Genesis. I had very very hazy memories of this game, so I wasn’t sure which system it was on at first, but I managed to search about it enough to find it. I don’t even know why we had it, I have a feeling it was something we borrowed or something, since I don’t recall my family having it the last time I saw the genesis, where ever it is now. (Turns out it is in my closet, next to the N64, where it has been resting undisturbed for over 4 years). The only games left are some of the sonics and the box to Ecco, but thankfully the cart is gone. Oh, and also a star trek game which probably deserves its own entry.

Anyway, I have memories of this game way back when I used to go into my brother’s room in the basement to play, because it was one of two games that were sort of left overs, games to play when I couldn’t be bothered to play any of the others. One of them was Herzog Zwei which I think was considered to be an alright real-time strategy game. I had huge difficulty with it, there was no manual, this is true, but the cart we had was in Japanese (or at least had a reminiscent character set). I must have been very bored to try to figure any part of it out. I got good enough to play it a bit, but I’d always lose against the computer.

But that wasn’t the game I was trying to find. Herzog Zwei was a name I had thought of over the years and had looked it up long ago. No, there was a game that, to me anyway, was much worse. A game that I now know would have been an RPG, and basically I’d start it, go out, and die, and then die again, and then again, and then that’s it. I also remembered it had decent music. Well, I think I found it. People say it was an alright game too, but to me, it was worse than nothing. Again, no manual, and I don’t think the save functionality worked on the cart. Anyway, I believe the thing was called Faery Tale Adventure, and it kicked my ass each and every time, mostly like this:

Pretty much my experience every time I played. At least the chase music was neat.


The Mind’s Eye

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:43:11

Years and years ago, on YTV, they used to show these little 3d animated snippets between shows, most of which I found intriguing, being computer generated, computers being something I’m interested in. Anyway, they actually were assembled in that form for a series called The Mind’s Eye. The source material is from demo’s, commercials and what-not, edited into something approaching a story (sometimes) and set to kind of interesting music.

On YTV, you could never see the whole of any of them because they would constantly cut it when it was time for the next program, but lots of it has found its way to youtube.

Here’s one of my favorites.

More youtube movies, yes, I have little to talk about these days



Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:19:11

It is my 29th chronological year today.

But I’ve decided instead to measure by comparable life-progress year. In which case I am 12.

And have been 18 times now.

I want a lego castle.



Filed under: General — 19day @ 16:25:25

So Toronto is hosting the G20, I was kind of hoping the place would stay sane. But alas, it has not.

Torontonians at play

Toronto Unlimited

Internal Combustion Engine

1 Billion well spent

It’s pretty pathetic, people going around just smashing all that looks smashable. It seems so pointless to me. Plus the billion dollar police force they’ve wasted their money on seems to just be letting these protesters have free reign. I’m glad I’m not at work, which has had protesters at all the major intersections around it, but people are there today, and with the TTC shut down in the core, they are stranded for the moment. Apparently the street is strewn with garbage, businesses around the area like Starbucks and Subway, which I frequent, have had windows smashed. Police cars set on fire. Teargas released. Shots fired. Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.

Pathetic behaviour.

Photos misappropriated from Toronto Star

Mario Marathon

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:01:10

Another Mario Marathon is going on right now. They’ve done this before, and they say in the FAQ that they got the idea from another event years ago, where a group of people ran through (or tried to) four 3D Zelda games in 48 hours. What started as a little paypal fund for getting pizza turned into a nice lump of money that was donated to Child’s Play. I watched that one way back, when I was supposed to be planning a vacation, heh. Anyway, these guys are one of a few groups that do the same thing for the express purpose of raising money for charity, and last year they raised nearly 30k USD. Let’s see how well they do this time around.

Donation Get.

(Maybe it went through, paypal is being a pain.)


Let the earth quake, I’ve got somebody’s Oscar

Filed under: General — 19day @ 19:58:31

So we had a bit of an earthquake near Toronto. It was apparently more of an event in Ottawa. In Toronto, basically it felt like someone was bouncing their leg and rattling the desks, but then it seemed all the desks were rattling. But still, not very much, and it lasted maybe 15 seconds, but a lot of that time was going “huh, wha?” at the time.

Even the precariously piled stuff at my apartment is undisturbed, so I don’t think it was a big deal here, but still, it’s a rare occurrence. I was actually expecting it to be some sort of bombing or something from the G20 that is about to start downtown.

And we saw how little strain the news websites can handle. The effects of the earthquake didn’t extend particularly far, so not many people would have cared to know what just happened, at least I would think, but both Pulse24 and CTV’s websites were down for a measurable period just after the earthquake (20 minutes or so). Toronto Star was better, but spun while trying to render sometimes, and still barely had any information of note for half an hour, except that people in office buildings reported tremors. Well yes, I felt that too, which is why I was looking for more information. Oh well.

You never do nothin to save your doggone soul


I Feel Better

Filed under: General — 19day @ 14:26:12

Another flash video I’m afraid, but this one is so delightfully absurd. I’ve watched it a few times, I find it both catchy and hilarious.

As embedding is disabled ffs, here is the link to the video



Filed under: General — 19day @ 18:53:11

There’s this game, Chrono Trigger. It’s a great game. It had this sequel, Chrono Cross, for PS1. I own the game, but never really got into it, but I always loved the music. I happened across the opening theme again, and I just felt like putting it up here. I wish they would redo Chrono Trigger and do the music orchestrally, I think it would be something to hear.

But the future refused to change

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