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What is the Secret Crazy?

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:25:29

Again, it seems people (and as a consequence, google) is very interested in my photo that I did for a little contest (well, just people submitted, for fun, we weren’t going to win anything) to do an interesting alteration to a source image.

But people have linked (hot linked, thank you very much) to it so much (without citing the source) that it now appears on and’s image search in the second position (it fluctuates, but at least on the first page of results) when performing an image search on the word ‘junk’, just becuase the image is in my junk directory :P

Anyway, here it is again, with the source image for comparaison:

The altered picture

Mouse over to see the source image (wait as it loads)

Here are the larger version of the two images:

Anyway, it’s fun blogging with recycled material.

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