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A quarter

Filed under: General — 19day @ 19:23:39

So it’s my birthday today… quarter of a century old.

Didn’t really do a lot… last weekend had Curtis and Alicia over, went to dinner, came back and I put on episode after episode of various shows they hated venomously.

She got me the full boxset of The Office, with an IOU for Mulberry, both britcoms. The first unknown to me but is fairly funny. The second one of my favorite series, and of course, well cancelled.

Curtis made me chocolate truffles that I’m sure took 5 years off my life, but it was worth it. (though I wish I could pick the 5, retroactively being dead through highschool would have been good with me)

And now I guess I’ll reflect on the life I was hoping to have at 25, which in general included less mass, more woman (note the singular) and generally having some sort of life plan.

None of that actually came to pass. I guess I’ll try again for 30.


  1. If it makes you feel any better Shawn, everyone goes through that on their 25th.
    And again on their 30th… (well, 28 for me)

    Comment by Chris — 2006-07-05 @ 02:04:09

  2. Happy Birthday! I know it’s a bit late now… and yeah… I’m not looking forward to my 25th later this year either. Oh god.

    Comment by Christina — 2006-07-07 @ 07:50:10

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