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sleepless in toronto

Filed under: General — 19day @ 20:34:40

I haven’t updated this thing recently. Work has been the ever-present-time-occupying-force. The stress level has to be in the heart-destruction level by now.

The only thing I have to report is having gone to Center Island with a few friends, running around playing many games with a volleyball, none of them actually being volleyball. I’m sunburnt on my face and a bit on my hands.

My mass is ever increasing.

I’ll update again once anything else happens in my life.

My hours fluctuate wildly depending on how disasterous things are going. One fun one yesterday was when I was going off memory (and it goes back months, but reinforced every month) about some bit of functionality, but something was up with it recently, and got dragged into an office where basically I was told I must be mistaken… for months… since I took over this project …. back in march. And this was revealed in front of my boss, my boss’ boss, and the dev leader for the project. One last ditch check run later that night showed that I was, in fact, correct. Lovely. Well, I’ve made enough apparent mistakes during this run that I doubt it vidicates me very much. There are already other problems being discovered and “why didn’t you see this?”

“just stupid I guess”

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