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Filed under: General — 19day @ 20:12:45

So another xmas come and gone. Didn’t really have any xmas atmosphere here, as my parents are renovating the livingroom and kitchen, so everything is a mess. We only have a little fibre-optic tree going, alas.

My main gift was from my brother, a UPS, which is something I’ve wanted for a while now. It lists itself as 50 minutes, but of course, it’s a lie, or rather, for a very specific computer setup that makes the thing look good. with my computer, it estimates 6 minutes… well, no bother, what I really wanted it for were the little power flicks I get at the place I’m living at now. Then after that, it’s handy to have 6 minutes of power, and then the usb connector to the thing can handle saving whatever is open and shutting the comp down, which is nice of it, so I’m pleased.

Something I didn’t get at all, in any form, was a DVD burner, but I expected only the UPS or the burner, not both, and the UPS is easier to shop for. So my next move is to buy a burner, not sure if I should get an internal or external. All four IDE connections are taken, but I’d probably remove the CD writer and put the DVD writer in there, as any one I get would be able to burn CD’s as well. But I need one desperately, my drives (two 120 gig’ers) are nearly full, only a couple gig left on both, damned downloading episodes, argle.

Anyway, merry xmas, and a happy new year… I seriously wonder if I’ll be doing anything on new year, no plans have been made thus far, so I might spend another one alone. It’s not great, but hardly terrible.

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