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Father Ted

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:20:20

Father Ted is a Irish Comedy (ishcom?) that I’ve more or less recently encountered, and I highly recommend it.

Basically it’s about the wacky adventures of three priests in a parish on the secluded and sparsely populated Craggy island, a fictitious island near Ireland. Father Ted, the titular character is mostly down to earth, less than completely moral but generally the sane anchor of the show. Father Dougal is young, childlike, living in fantasy and never quite aware what is going on. Father Jack is the old drunk who mostly is limited to the vocabulary “Drink”, “Feck”, and “Arse”.

Watch these clips to get a taste (but they are links, no one feels like allowing the embed, meh)
Intro (by The Divine Comedy)
Down with this sort of thing (sort of a meme now)
Being discovered acting racist (pt 1)
Should we all be racist now father? (pt 2)
Diversity slideshow (pt 3)
I don’t beeeeelieve it (One foot in the grave is also a good show)

If you enjoyed, go out and find the series. There are 3 of them (and being like television series over across the pond, it only amounts to 25 episodes. And there will never be any more, as Dermot Morgan, Father Ted, died during the wrap up party of the final series.


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