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Logo Madness

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:44:42

So waterloo is going ahead with its attempt to rebrand, this time presenting two new logos, which seem designed to make us want to like the previous one more.


You win again gravity!


To boldly go where no university has gone before

Hmm, these seem even worse to me. The first one looked like it was trying to be hip or something. This first new one looks like its sinking into a weeping mire, or just otherwise depressed. I assume they were trying to go for a jaunty or casual angle, but the horizontal colour split just makes it look like it is sinking. And a black and white photocopy will look worse at best, or just a solid stupidly tilted W at worst.
The second of the new ones looks like its trying to be futuristic, and what’s more futuristic than not bothering to fully write out all the letters, thus my comparison to the star trek text. Photocopied, it will just look like crap, perhaps just WAT, or WATRLOO. In fact, if the E is giving them so much trouble, just take it out.

Maybe I just hate change, but honestly none of these three attempts do anything for me. At least they say that these are only for marketing purposes, so diplomas will be spared this and get the good old shield.

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