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Tomorrow’s End

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– OR –
The Girl From Tomorrow, Part Two

Opening Titles

A promising start

My Girl From Tomorrow blog post I think has more comments than all my other blogs put together, which is kind of scary. What is more scary is that searching “Katharine Cullen” on google’s image search (without quotes, and at least only right now, I’m sure since I’ve pointed it out, it will go to page 317) one of the images I’ve reproduced without written or oral permission is the first hit. That’s messed up. Something else amusing is that they messed up her credit in Tomorrow’s End, which has her as Katherine Cullen. I’m assuming it’s still her and not some evil twin.

So I thought I’d start off this entry answering a few of the questions from the previous one. Yes; sometimes; and not really no. One person took aim at my use of the term “capshul”, well, I know they are pronouncing it correctly. It’s just that out of all the words with the aussie accent, that one was most noticeably different to my pronunciation when I was a kid. Someone else said how they watched this recently and their inner child fell in love with Alana. Better than one’s outer middle-aged man anyway. Kind of creepy still to remember the huge crush I had on her when I was a youngin’, before I became this bitter shell of a man, I mean. Dipping back to the first entry for a second. The whole Katharine that was young and Katharine that grew picture was meant to be a reference to her apparently being a child extra in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but hell if I know which one of them is her, crikey.

Anyway, so what can I say about Tomorrow’s End? Well, for one, the title is too short, so the opening music buildup thingy (if I knew musical terminology, I would use it) is too long for the letters to tumble down into frame, while the first show was a better length because it was scored for that opening sequence. They should have gone with something longer like “How the Future was Fucked”. That is how the characters from 1990 should have reacted, since basically they are told that no matter what they do, in 510 years time, the world will be a crap hole. They’ve seen the future, it is murder. In general, I didn’t like this series as much as the previous one, because it’s set in a dirty dark place that’s trying to be futuristic but without the budget for that. So unfamiliar place, with the familiar characters sort of scattered for a while, takes a while to build up.

I’ve already done the overall talk of the series from last time which I think still applies. So let’s get onto episode specific ranting and raving:

A Time Without Vegemite

Amusing title, though I think if you look hard enough they would probably find a preserved jar of it somewhere, likely right next to a jar of branston pickle. Petey does a bit of voiceover work here getting people up to speed with the story. I think they should have done it from Alana’s point of view, some sort of time traveller’s diary, but what do I know. “… I didn’t even know if I would see [Jenny] again.”… and then the opening titles, Tomorrow’s End. This should be a pretty good indication to the uninitiated that all will not be well.

Jenny wakes up after having her nervous system destroyed at the end of the last series. As is usual for highly advanced doctors, they put her in a white room with no one else around, and just call Alana when she runs around screaming “Hello, can anyone hear me?” since they have better things to do that monitor her themselves. After a bit of a freakout, she meets up with Alana who tells her she’s been there a month, and Jenny has to be reminded that there is this time machine thingy around that can take her back to the moment she left, so time spent in the future is not an issue.

They stroll into the time lab and meet Bruno and Lorien, who are time mechanics or something. They also meet Silverthorn who apparently has lost his memory, so of course he should be allowed to stroll around the sensitive Time Lab. Alana and the rest of her planet believe he is telling the truth, but Jenny thinks he’s lying, and I wonder who’s right. A floating bit of CG keeps tabs on him in any event to keep him in line. Following the altercation the girls retire to Alana’s glowing home in the ground and sleep together. But because the future is boring, they just sleep.


Rainbows hold more data

The next day, while trying to copy over historical records from the capshul to the central memory bank, something goes wrong. But while that happens, Bruno shows them a new, more efficient way to fuck around with the past, a time door. Seriously, how does that work? Bruno just created the time capshul, and the first jump that set the first series in motion is basically a month ago now, so was he working on two time travel devices in parallel, or is he just so smart that he comes up with the gate in a month? Bruno casually puts the holographic pip holding the plans aside, and Silverthorn might as well have winked to the audience that he’s still Mr. Evil by the way he looks at it. Jenny has a transducer lesson that goes so badly that the teacher laughs at her, then Alana, then both. Meanwhile, Silverthorn plainly engineers an accident involving kids playing in a ridiculously dangerous spot with an hyper-frisbee. He runs into the water to save the child and gets rescued by the teacher and Alana performing a mind-link to join their powers that apparently do nothing, since it looks very much as if the waves bring them back to shore. Utterly convinced that Silverthorn is a good guy now, they send away the one and only protection they have against him, the CG droid ball which, when deactivates, just destroys itself like a good now-useless robot should.


I got it.. I got it.. I got it… I don’t got it

Lorien and Bruno discover that, yes you dumbasses, you’ve changed history. Now, if this was to make sense, then it should have changed all the way up, like the change in history should have changed the capshul itself, and its databanks, so they shouldn’t have realized that time has changed at all. But for some reason, the time capshul is the original time capshul, so they know that time has been altered since the capshul databanks are different from the main archive. And in more bizarre form, apparently they figure that time is changed for the duration, like Jenny ceases to exist in 1990 (and changes history) to the point that she is actually returned… intending to return her at some future point is not good enough or some such, so they damn well run to the capshul to get them home to stem the approaching time quake. (or whatever)

Lorien, Jenny, Silverthorn and Alana travel back to 2500 and Jenny gets to see just how futile her future is and probably reconsiders breeding (changing the future are we, hmmm?). Lorien takes a still amnesia-faking Silverthorn around for a tour to refresh his memory, and Alana chases after them. Alana catches up and says that she thinks something is following them, two of them… this is insanely important so remember. Anyway, Silverthorn does his sudden but inevitable betrayal, takes the transducers and captures them. *sigh*

The End of Everything

Pretty dire title. Anyway, as is the habit for the series, there is a timewarp and they show the last bit of the previous episode again for context, but at least it’s not like a serial where in the previous episode the protagonists were just about to die.. but in the start of the next episode the re-tooled ending gives them a good five minutes. So Lorien and Alana are captured by Silverthorn’s cronies and Silverthorn steals PJ. I would have thought they would have learned from last time to add some security to the thing, but no, magical computer that can do anything obeys whoever steals it. We also learn that Globecorp, the evil in charge of 2500, can target people and zap them or locate them unless they put up an interference field… wait, Globecorp? Remember Silverthorn’s company, Futures Inc. and how it winked too much at the audience. Globecorp, what the hell is that? Might as well have called them Weyland-Yutani or The Company, they’re so subtle.

Jenny, still back at the time capshul an hour later, discovers that the thing can make water from the atmosphere, as well as the glass to hold it apparently. She sees a rat, runs off and is captured by Nik (credit is indeed Nik, I guess by 2500 they’ve gotten rid of that pesky C), a young male who threatens to kill her, so you know he’ll be the love interest in this series… but what ever about Alana? Oh dear, 2500 just got interesting. We learn from Nik that the most valuable substance around is clean drinking water, since basically the environment is fucked. Oh, and she tells Nik that the time capsule is a Time Capshul, always good to spill your guts to strangers.

One of the cronies is guarding the locked up Alana and Lorien, when suddenly a wall is transducerized, and then the door to the lockup. Where did that come from, it isn’t shown… this is insanely important too. Anyway, Alana ’scrummed the shield’ by tearing apart some wires on a console, remaining henchguy exclaims Globecorp will find them and gets distracted. They fail to get their transducers, but Alana does manage to grab PJ, and escape.

Jenny is shown to be with Nik, so it isn’t her who rescued them at least. Jenny is a trusting sort, going back to Nik’s place, where she tells Nick about a couple things from the past he’s been hoarding, but really she should have done it like Sleeper. Nik plays her some 2500 music which honestly doesn’t sound too far off from what’s currently being played on the radio now in my opinion. She learns that Globecorp have Globecops (ugh) and they of course run the entire planet and basically are a dystopia engine. They also spot Silverthorn and some henchguys trying to secure the Capsule and are somehow taken down by Jenny and Nik. It probably helps that they have shitty aim with their ray-guns. Lorien and Alana arrive and they leave with Jenny, figuring that fucking up the past even more can’t have hurt anything. They get in the capshul and take off (oh, so they had the foresight not to do the month-long auto-return, or forcing them to stay that long either.. the technology has advanced). They drop Jenny off in 1990, in the dump apparently (but a much flatter, nicer dump area than Alana ended up in the first time). Jenny is forced to return the transducer since she could probably change history with it, yeah, probably. That gives the future folk a grand total of one, having left two in 2500 where apparently they hope the future won’t be changed with them there.

Jenny meets up with her family, and apparently some time has past… it’s the same night that they fought Silverthorn from Last Stand a Kelly Deli, but Petey does ask “Why were you away so long?” Jenny said it was the detour to drop off Silverthorn, but that makes no sense. If they took her back to the moment she left, then I guess the extra time was to walk back from the dump.

“The Capshul has returned to the year 3000″. Lorien and Alana open the door, and only see barren rock. Ohh, that ain’t good.

The Other Alana

So Lorien and Alana are a bit confused since everything they know has been expunged from existence, but it takes them quite a while to realize it. They nearly die when they venture from the capshul, feeling weak, which I assume means they are being irradiated or something, which probably means good bye ovaries. They eventually reason out that history has changed and go back to 2500 figuring that the change was there (and if the devastation is there too, then it means it happened from changes in 1990). Oh, and for some reason, the site of the timelab in shitty future 3000 has a few columns around that are somehow impervious to whatever destroyed everything else around. I guess they needed a reference spot to comp in the effects. We get a few scenes with Jenny and family over the next few bits to keep them in the show.

Shitty future

We should have built everything out of the same stuff as the pillars

Lorien and Alana make it back to 2500 and it’s its same smelly self, and decide that it was something Silverthorn does that causes the Great Disaster to affect both the northern and southern hemispheres. The reasoning is dubious because even a small change from 1990 could have been the cause, and it may not have had a huge difference on their immediate surroundings in 2500, not that they even know what is precisely normal for 2500. Hell, the capshul records couldn’t even give them any details on the causes of the Great Disaster other than it involved defense satellites. Anyway, Lorien actually brought the capshul to a few moments before they arrived the first time to drop of Silverthorn, so she locks it to her palmprint (Alana should have said to use hers too just in case, but people in the future are stupid) and hides it before the capshul arrives again.. before… whatever. They follow Before Alana, and Now Alana realizes that they were the ones that Before Alana saw and thought they were following. In fact, Now Alana tells Now Lorien that when she was Before Alana, she actually saw the two of them… which should have freaked her out a bit, but whatever. So Now Alana blows a hole in the wall, opens the locked door holding Before Alana and Lorien and… what… what the fuck is that? So the only reason they got free was because… they got free. Okay, so Harry saving himself is one thing, but this damn series has already shown that time travel changes don’t happen until they are done… but now they are saying that sometimes the changes are already wrapped into their perceived timelines? At least no one faded out from a photograph. They didn’t get the transducers this time either, so they still only have the one they got back from Jenny.

Anyway, Before Alana and Before Lorien will have escaped and become the Now’s soon enough. But unfortunately, the Now’s are captured by Globecops who assume they are thieves. The Globecops uniforms are just as ridiculous as the name. They have this big floppy oxygen hoses that run behind to their backs like wings. Alana tries to fake out the Globecop by saying there is plot to kill Draco, the local Globecorp manager guy. When taken before Draco, they come clean and tell him about the time-travel stuff, and he reacts by releasing them, cleaning up the present and ushering in a new age of peace and tranquility. Ha, just kidding, he yells at the cops for being so stupid and tells them to have their brains scrambled.

I simply love the woman who controls the modification machine panel, she’s so bubbly “It’s just like going to sleep really, and you can rest assured you’ll both be leading useful lives in the service of Globecorp”. “Crucifixion? Good”. She plays the light-keyboard to turn on and off the device, and Lorien, the first to be put into the cage, is basically turned into an Epsilon. Alana uses a Xena pressure point attack or something, that she used in 1990 against a fruit stand owner, and escapes by fooling the chasing guards that she’s jumped to her death. Clever girl.

Cut to Petey and Jenny at school in 1990. Petey gets some good lines here in an exchange with Jenny:
Petey: I wonder what Alana’s doing right now.
Jenny: Why does everyone want to talk about Alana?
Petey: You spent three hours talking about her last night.
Jenny: Alana isn’t doing anything.
Petey: How do you know?
Jenny: Because she hasn’t even been born yet.
Petey: How come she was living with us?
Jenny: We’ve been through this before. We met Alana because she came back to our time, then she went back to her time, which means she won’t be born for another thousand years.
Petey: So when you were in the year 3000, you’d been dead for a thousand years?
Jenny: No!
Petey: Why?

Silverthorn gets back from their failed raid and find all their stuff gone since the Globecops took it all, but they still have the two transducers and PJ since it was dropped. Lovely, Before Alana gets it back, just to drop it as Now Alana, in the same place, so effectively they might as well have left it there. Alana meanwhile tries to get into the Capshul and can’t because it’s locked to Lorien’s print. She runs into Nik again, “Malfunctioning time zapper?”, nope, just that the future is dead and I’m stranded. He doesn’t take much of an interest, and she tries to guilt trip him a bit before the closing credits.

GlobeCorp advertisements

No, it’s Hill Valley, although I can’t imagine Hell being much worse

The Time Gate

Alana and Nik find Silverthorn and company constructing the Time Gate seen in the first episode, based on the holochip he stole, placed in PJ. I’m baffled that all they needed to build the time gate was the plans from the future. I mean, it’s 500 years too early for any of the components, and they are just thugs. Maybe a government (or Globecorp) could have done it, but are they saying that there are no components needed to construct it that are not available 500 years before the gate’s conception? Silverthorn locks down the controls so that they can only be controlled by him by validating brainwave patterns or some such. They run a couple of successful tests, and have an amusing exchange. “Pack this stuff up the in van” “Where are we going?” “Not where, when” “What?”

The time gate

Some assembly required. Your parents help you put it together

Alana and Nik head to a videophone booth and tell them to go get Silverthorn, and not only reveal their faces (which seems stupid to me but Nik was fine with) but Alana tells the cop on the other end of the line that she doesn’t have ID (which Nik seems to find very stupid) and CG things come after them for a second. Alana reasons that Silverthorn will move the gate so it opens in 1990 at his mansion. Meanwhile evil Globecorp manager and lead henchmen review the tape of the call and set out to capture Silverthorn and Alana.

Silverthorn returns to 1990 (but apparently set it to be after his previous visit so it will make sense to Eddie, his 1990 henchman. Or maybe there is some stupid ticking clock like in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and re-recruits Eddie. Petey meanwhile is fearful of Silverthorn’s return. That night, Eddie takes back the Limo they left since the Last Stand. Petey sneaks out of the house that night and goes to Silverthorn’s mansion and hides in the limo while Eddie and Silverthorn drive it to a warehouse which happens to be the future site of Silverthorn’s hovel in 2500, and how they determine that without proper coordinates I have no idea. Petey hides in the warehouse as the two of them talk and he hears that they are buying the warehouse to export water to the future, which at the moment is filled with toys. Petey goes out the window, but not before stealing a robot to replace one crushed by Eddie when he re-took the limo the night before. Jenny’s mother and science teacher went out on a date, and on their return, she finds out about Petey’s shenanigans. She doesn’t believe anything about Silverthorn, but does believe he stole a toy, and demands he return it the next day.

Alana and Nik track down the mansion location (where the gate is still active from Silverthorn’s activities with Eddie while Petey was following) and determine the best thing to do is close the gate so Silverthorn will be stuck in 1990 where he can’t do anything, but I think he’ll be just as dangerous really, certainly capable of altering the future. Anyway, as they are pulling out power cables to the gate, Globecops arrive to arrest the henchmen, and Silverthorn returns before the gate power is cut. Cue Alana saying “No!” and then end credits.

Sucked Into The Future

Silverthorn spots the Globecops, and just as he tried to escape through the gate, Nik pulls the last power cord. It seems like he was trying to keep Silvertorn in 2500. Anyway, Alana and Nik run back to his place, and Alana gets the idea to change the past again to warn the Before Alana and Lorien, but somehow forgets that it’s still locked. She fights with Nik trying to force it open, and finally breaks down, which I personally think I would have done when I was Before Alana, you know, the future being dead and all. She gets on her high horse a bit when she declares “I hate this time. It’s ugly, and it’s dirty, and it’s full of fear.” and for some reason she thinks the ‘fear’ bit will be reinforced if she picks up and throws a perfectly innocent milk crate, which of course she does.

Draco interrogates Silverthorn while he’s in the moddie-cage, and he reveals that the gate is a water synthesizer and avoids being zombified. Nik meanwhile starts tearing his place apart looking for bedding while raging about the nature of women wanting him to save the world, and spots Silverthorn, and somehow even his cronies, returning to their haunt. Apparently Silverthorn has an agreement with Draco to provide him with water to get the satellites to look the other way, both feeling that they have the upper hand over the other, oh those scheming guys.

Nik and Alana make up a bit, but barely reveals that Silverthorn is back, because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She resolves to save Lorien anyway, they fight a bit, and Nik relents and says he’ll go but if anyone asks he’ll say it was all her idea, and storms out. Alana smirks in a way that suggests she’s just realized her powers of manipulating men, and follows after.


Yes yes, you win, try not to look so smug about it

The next scenes take place in 1990, with Eddie having purchased the warehouse seen earlier, and Jenny and Petey sneaking into it. They discover that it’s now mocked up like a pool showroom, and the pool is filled with water. As they sneak around the time gate opens (which Jenny recognizes from seeing the holo-plans in 3000) and Petey falls into the pool. Eddie arrives and Silverthorn steps through the gate, have an exchange, and start pumping the water. For some insane reason, Silverthorn leaves PJ on the side of the pool and leaves. Petey gets sucked through the pipe that runs through the gate while Jenny phones her mother to say what’s going on, but unfortunately not where. Jenny distracts Eddie with the toy robot Petey brought back, and Eddie is stupid enough to fall for it. Jenny puts on PJ (making an audible beep that Eddie misses, so he really must be that dumb) and jumps into the pool to be sucked into a tank in 2500. Now, there didn’t appear to be any pumping mechanism, and the pool didn’t seem big enough to cause that much pressure to push them through the gate and then UP into the TOP of the tank. Oh, and Jenny reasons out pretty quickly how Silverthorn has possession of the time gate.

So we’re in 2500, Alana and Nik have a plan to destroy the building by tying a bit of it to Silvy’s water truck. If the building was that shaky, I would have imagined it going down earlier.., but the point is to destroy the gate with the building. But can’t they just build another one? Alana spots Jenny sticking her head out of the top of the tank and they have to abandon that plan of course. Draco and his legion of terror show up to take possession of the tanker, and they spot Jenny coming out. She runs off and gets found by Alana. Meanwhile Petey gets stupid, pops his head out of the tank and asks if they’ve seen his sister. If he had some explosives on hand, it might have been a witty bit of business before he makes his daring escape, but he doesn’t, so he just gets his ass caught.

Draco and Silverthorn exchange some words, apparently these satellites can fry you from orbit, and Draco insists that he run him some water from Silverthorn’s ‘converter’ more often than agreed. “This deal’s getting worse all the time”. Jenny and company spot Petey being taken away by Draco’s primary henchman (I only call him that cause we’ve seen him a few times, he also caught Alana before, and Silverthorn.. wow, he’s like his own plot device). Jenny screams Petey even though Nik tells her that anyone found there will be brain modded, and I seriously doubt that anyone heard her, “Noooo’s” at the end of episodes tend to be soliloquies.

The Grandmother of Invention

Jenny tries to fight free to find Petey, but is restrained by Alana and Nik. She asks what will happen to Petey, Nik starts trying to tell her that he’ll be turned into zombie, but Alana, obviously now very comfortable with lying, says that they don’t know what will happen. They go off, with Nik in tow after flattering him a little bit. Love triangle imminent.

We get a quick scene of Jenny’s mother going nuts with the science teacher, probably just to keep them in the show, revealing that they don’t know where the kids are. Then we skip back to 2500 with Draco taking a bath, when main henchman comes in with Petey “Another time-traveller, but this one’s from the past”. Draco’s probably tired of this one, and I know I would be too, I mean, if I’m not believing a story about a time traveller from the future, suddenly I’ll be more receptive about one from the past? Anyway, Petey runs around to avoid being caught for moddiedification when Draco gets a bit of letdown from upper management. They call him on his visee-screen from the moon, where apparently it will only take one more month for the moon base, modestly called Paradise, to be operational. Oh, and that he can’t come yet because they need someone they can ‘trust’ to keep up with the supply missions. Somehow I think pissing off your lifeline is not the way to go, but then again I don’t know the internal politics of Globecorp. Petey basically spills his guts on his subsequent near-door experience being dragged out, telling Draco about the time gate and Silverthorn, which he now is starting to buy into. He decides to keep Petey around for his knowledge of the past.

While trying to sneak into Globecorp (unsuccessfully), Alana, Nik and Jenny spot Lorien, and follow her to a generic industrial area. Alana and Jenny are dressed as moddies suddenly and stake out the place. Alana pushes Nik out to distract the overseer, which he does by pushing barrels all over the other moddies (to hell with them, right?), which fails to distract enough. Alana has to fake being a moddie to keep from getting captured, and Jenny gets her leg cut, and being a waste disposal site, it’s pretty bad. Another droid chases them, so Nik distracts it and tells Jenny to go into a certain door, where she meets Grandma, who’s far too young to be Nik’s grandmother, but whatever. She inspects her leg, and tells the returned Nik to get the MedTool which looks like a magnifying glass with .. I dunno, bullshit around it.

Healing thing

Gua’ould technology

Alana has been returned to “The Slots” where they are fed green stuff through automatic tubes, which she spits out. Alana finds Lorien, promises to be back, and makes her escape.

Feeding time

Thankfully this series has never been ravaged by fanfics

Jenny has recovered and Nik is in laundered clothes, and then we get to see grandma demonstrate something that is so fortunate as to be unbelievable: The first homemade transducer, and the mother of the first efforts to rebuild the earth. They all just happen to find each other. I mean, I know Australia survived in the main timeline, but there is all the rest of the southern hemisphere that could have come up with the transducer, and still, Australia is a pretty big place, so it’s just really unlikely… I mean… anyway. Grandma tries to use her own invention, but can’t, and Jenny shows her up. Apparently there is a Jedi aspect to it, since you have to be young when you first train to use it. She makes a deal to use the transducer to rescue her brother, in exchange for trying to train Maeve (grandma) to use it. Maeve, like Ma as in mother, and Eve as in… Eve. I wonder if they were going for that on purpose. Looking it up, apparently it means intoxicating, that’s cleared that up.

Alana uses PJ to track down Petey, who is at that moment playing with a remote control phallus. Petey tells Draco about nuclear weapons, which Drago replies that nuclear weapons had been abolished by Globecorp, not out of niceness, but fear they would be used against them. He talks about two Peace Platforms which apparently prevent war, hmm, apparently one over each hemisphere. Hmm.

Flying dildo

Levitating, for her pleasure

Draco meets with Silverthorn, and Petey uses the flying dong to spy on them, discovering that they are working together. Draco calls Silverthorn out on the timegate and whistles for his henchman backup, and Silverthorn whistles for two of his own men. They start to negotiate, and Draco wants Silverthorn to help him take over Globecorp, and Silverthorn to help run it. Petey realizing his danger thinks of an escape plan, and basically comes up with the worst one, which is to take a sheet and try to parachute down from the top of the very tall building he finds himself in. Suddenly a figure wearing a moddie-suit walks in the door, whoever could it be?

And the episode ends, on that cliffhanger.

Escape From Globecorp

Of course, it was Alana. Petey shows Alana the feed from the remote control phallus, and apparently Draco’s plan is to steal two nukes from the past, put them in the supply ships and destroy the peace platforms, which is basically the recipe for the Great Disaster. She gets PJ to find them a way out that won’t be under monitors, but Draco comes back before they can make a break for it. Alana hides and PJ fakes a tantrum to allow Alana to escape, and then leaves himself looking for Alana, but can’t find her. Alana left the path on the map for their exit on the display which Draco takes note of, so much for stealth.

Silverthorn meets with Eddie in 1990 and tells him to buy some nukes, but he’s at a loss. Until he remembers a protest by the harbour of a nuke-carrying ship from the states that I left out of my descriptions in an earlier episode because I forgot it was relevant. Oh well. Meanwhile, 500 years later, Alana is making her way alone to the exit hatch, apparently leaving Petey behind, and is stopped by a gate.

Nik and Jenny chat up a bit and Nik inquires to her relational status in blunt fashion. Jenny asks about him and Alana, so on, so forth. Jenny’s alone, Nik’s alone, but together, they’re lonely together.

Alana returns in Petey’s R.A.L.F unit bearing food, but Draco spots her. He realizes that she must have been telling the truth too, and that there is a time capshul and he won’t need Silverthorn anymore. Petey sends the flying phallus to find Jenny and somehow spots her (and Nik). Through the linkup they plot for a second as to what to do, but Draco comes in at that moment, pretending he doesn’t know Alana is there. Draco takes Petey off for a trip on a spaceship ride he mock-tantrumed about wanting to ride earlier. Draco takes Petey to the moddification room, but tricks him into putting on a hypno-watch (oh that futuristic brickerbrack), and tells him to get Alana to take him and the others to the time capshul and flag him via the watch. Alana asks how much time is left before the Great Disaster, and PJ reveals they have a scant 61 hours left, but if the timeline has been mucked up, I don’t know how that can be considered reliable, or how PJ even knows the exact time of the event when its basic details and causes are unknown to year 3000 history.

Petey goes back to Alana and they leave to get Lorien (but Petey is most insistent on getting back to the Capshul), and Draco has informed his men to let them escape. But one guy didn’t get the message and is tracking them. Jenny and Nik show up, and use the transducer to get through the door, and just then the guard shows up, just to give a bit of a cliffhanger (I bet he goes away or dies a minute into the next episode or something)


The floppy hoses were an aesthetic choice by the tailor

A Chase Through Time

The guard captures them and they short out the prototype transducer trying to disarm him. They overpower the guard, but Draco’s main henchman was monitoring, shows up, and relieves him of his prisoners. Petey picks up the guard’s discarded gun in a trance, and the henchman pretends to be afraid and lets them go. ugh. Nik senses that they got away too easily, but they go back to Maeve’s anyway. They repair the prototype transducer and Alana tries it out, impressing Nik, which irritates Jenny. Alana tries to fix Lorien’s mind, but she can’t fix her and she shorts out the transducer in the attempt. Petey goes on and on about the Capshul, Alana yells at him, Jenny yells at her, best of friends. They agree to see the Capshul on the way to thwarting Silverthorn, but the girls snipe at each other along the way. They go to the Capshul, and Petey alerts Draco via the hypno-watch. Petey feigns injury to delay them for capture, so Alana takes Nik and leaves Jenny, but Jenny goes off after them. Nik never had a girlfriend in his life apparently, yet he now has two girls 1000 years apart fighting over him. Petey is all that’s left to welcome main henchman.

Draco crashes Silverthorn’s party and wants to go back to 1990 to get the weapons he needs. Silverthorn, Draco and 3 Soldiers of the Future enter Eddie’s Pools. Eddie shows them their new wheels, which is an ice cream truck that for some reason plays Greensleeves. While planning their heist, Draco ties up Silverthorn and puts an explosive on his chair to keep him in line until he can be taken back to have his brain scrambled. Alana, Jenny and Nik manage to sneak past the guards (sort of) and make it through the time game to the pool room, and of course, too late to stop the truck. But they find Silverthorn, disable the bomb, and Alana tells Silverthorn that he basically kills her entire reality through his actions (which she hasn’t had a chance to until now), and is about to untie him as she’s always the trusting sort. Jenny tells her just how bad an idea that is, when they bump the bomb and it starts counting down. Silverthorn tells them where the transducers are and Alana transduces the bomb up and out of the building, but only just out the door, and I guess that was enough to protect them from an explosion we were told could take out a building, but presumably only from the inside.. *cough* They untie Silverthorn and head to the docks in a van to get Draco, but they yet again forget PJ, back in the pool warehouse, if PJ had feeling he’d probably have abandonment issues by now. Since Silverthorn can’t drive, he’s driving erratically enough and are stopped by the cops en route to the docks. So ends the episode.

Showdown at Eddie’s Pools

So we left our dynamic quartet having been pulled over by the cops because Silverthorn thought he could drive. They lose sight of the Ice Cream Truck/Future Strike Force in the process. The cop questions them, so Jenny pretends that Silverthorn is her father and that the van had a mechanical problem, but they’ll be on their way. The cop stops to think for a second, then asks to see his license. Silverthorn just destroyed a construction zone and nearly killed a bunch of people, you’d think the cop would have him on the ground in handcuffs by then. As it happens, Silverthorn says left his license at home, and the conversation goes downhill from there and he gets them out of the van. To distract the cop, Alana uses her transducer to blow up a trash can in a car’s path just a little bit, and the rest of them make their escape, but unfortunately not all in the same direction. Nik and Jenny run off behind, while Alana and Silverthorn go off in the van (with Alana risking the timeline some more by using her transducer to blow out the cruiser’s tires). Jenny and Nik resolve to go back to the pool warehouse as a last gasp position to stop Draco.


Hypno rays? Ford is not impressed

Draco, Eddie and the Soldiers of the Future use their hypno-ray to get onto the docked american ship and get the nukes without any resistance. Presumably people on the boat weren’t affected by the ray, but whatever. Meanwhile Nik and Alana are in a mall and Nik is having a sort of Bill and Ted’s moment being amazed by the flashing lights and such, but since he comes from the future, why would it phase him? Nik finds some records in a music store and his dress attracts the attention of members of a band, who give him a ticket to their gig. I wonder if this ticket will be of use later?

Alana and Silverthorn find themselves too late to stop Draco at the ship, so they decide to return to do what Jenny and Nik are already planning to do, stop Draco at the timegate from 1990-side. Jenny, back at the pool warehouse recovers PJ, which makes me wonder what the point was of Alana dropping it in the last episode, since I can’t think of a Deus ex Machina-like thing PJ could have permitted. Nik starts preparing a trap with Jenny like the ones he made for his abode, and talks about how he wants to stay with Jenny in 1990 since it’s a better place (take that timeline, yeah!).

Draco and friends return to the warehouse, and there is a bit of a standoff, with Nik’s tricks (a la Home Alone and some recordings) and Jenny being able to cause a spark with her transducer (after standing up and revealing her position for about 7 seconds of concentrating). More shenanigans ensue and Nik holds the soldiers off with pressurized water (the irony) which is cut off, and Jenny trips when threatening Draco with a recliner, and so on and so forth… basically they blow it. Jenny gets taken by Draco, Nik is stuck in the pool for some reason, struggling, but manages to dash through the gate as Alana and Silverthorn arrive, and they see the gate closed. Alana and Silverthorn are stranded in 1990, and Draco on the other side resolves to destroy the timegate as they’ve secured the capshul.

Recliner attacks

I attack you with the power of comfort

Nik escapes to Maeve’s and grabs Zombie-Lorien, his plan is to do more of this damn time travelling, to go back to 1990 and try to stop Draco again, hey, if at first you don’t succeed… Petey is still there with the capshul, setting a trap, and main henchman and other guys pop up. Nick is forced to leave Maeve, Petey and Lorien and jumps into the capshul, closing the door. He has an amusing conversation with the capshul trying to get it to take him back to before Draco got the weapons. “I do not understand the term ‘Draco’”, it’s like a text game. But hey, he’s got that band ticket, which luckily uses the same calendar that they do in 3000. Feb 17 1990 2pm is the target, as far as I know the first exact date in the show. And damn he’s going to have missed valentine’s day. Some lasers blasts are shot at the capshul as it spins, but boom, it’s gone.

Cue a car driving in what looks to be a vacant lot (maybe it’s supposed to be on the same site as the garbage dump from the first episode of the first series), and of course the capshul appears near its path, and apparently scratches the car. The driver gets out and seems pissed off that the capshul nearly killed him, but doesn’t seem to care that it appeared out of thin air. Nik runs off and happens to find a car of hippies going down to demonstrate against the nukes, and manages to talk himself in, but a while later spots the Ice Cream truck and runs after it. Failing to maintain the 50kph required, he loses it again, and chances upon a taxi (remembering from a conversation with Jenny what a taxi even was). “Follow that van!”, and the cabbie’s reply, “I’ve been waiting years for someone to say that” and takes off after the truck. Unfortunately Nik tells him why he’s chasing it, and he gets kicked out, and loses the ice cream truck again. Just like McFly, even with the time machine he screws it up.

The Nik of Time

It’s titles like that which make me wonder if they didn’t have a different name for him at first, then someone came up with this title, and so went back and changed all the scripts before shooting. Anyway, we rejoin a failed Nik, who somehow trades a local cyclist his hat for the bike, and makes it back to the warehouse just in time to see himself fail again. That must be fun. He meets up with Alana and Silverthorn again and tells him he brought the time capshul to somewhere that smelled bad (So I guess that open area was the dump again… so why was that guy driving fast though it earlier…. and really, the garbage dump in 1990 smells noticeably worse than 2500? where the whole world is covered in crap? In fact, why didn’t Lorien and Alana immediately start coughing when they first arrived in 2500?)

Jenny is imprisoned with a still-hypnotised Petey in Draco’s tower, and Jenny tries to reason with Draco about not destroying the world and all that jazz. Jenny steals the transducer and starts getting zappy, but Draco commands Petey to jump out of the window and won’t instruct him to stop unless she throws him the transducer. She does, and Draco decides he’s had enough to Petey anyway, and lets him continue to go to the window. Draco yells at him to jump, Jenny tries to reason with him on Captain Zero terms, and somehow, inexplicably, Petey overcomes the power of the hypno-watch. Yay, which means he’ll be completely aware when he’s turned into an epsilon, as he and Jenny are carted off to the moddie-fication chamber.

Silverthorn, Eddie, Nik and Alana drive back to the dump to find the Capshul is impounded. None of them have a drivers license to reclaim it (I don’t know how any of them, especially Eddie who lives in this time, expected to just walk in with a driver’s license and get a large Dodecahedron without question). Back at the Deli, Irene and Science Teacher get a call from the cops saying they temporarily picked up her daughter. She gets angry and mutters “If I ever see Silverthorn again..” and of course, the four of them walk in, and Irene starts beating Silverthorn, just a little bit. The adults are brought up to speed with the story so far, save the world, gotcha.

So bored

Yes yes, I’ve tried to kill your children on numerous occasions.
Are you done?

They head off to get the station, and the guy from the car starts roughing up Nik. Science Teacher claims the capshul is a sculpture by Alana, his student, and Alana says that Nik is her boyfriend and they had a fight so he stole her work. Clear as mud. Anyway, it works, they get the capshul and discuss how to get back into the Globecorp building via the tunnel they escaped from. Nik asks why it can’t just take them directly to Draco’s office, but they say again, in contradiction to the last series finale, that the capshul only travels through time. They muse, how convenient it would be if the Globecorp building existed in 1990, they could take it to the office at the top there, and then hit the flux. Haha, what an amusing thought, an office building surviving 500 years into the future and still being an office building. But yes, Silverthorn says the building is indeed in 1990, which just dumps yet another crazy weird thing on top of the steaming pile. They arrive, and yep, pretty much the same building, but this time it’s called Global and Interstellar Research… drop a lot of the name, rearrange some bits and yep, Globecorp. Our heroes could have pulled a Cyberdyne, but nope, they just plan to get the capshul to the top office. They discuss plans, Silverthorn makes an offhand sarcastic remark, one reminds Irene of Petey, so of course that’s the one they go with.

In a truly awful bit of business, Science Teacher pretends to be an american film maker scouting for locations for their sci-fi epic love story time travel flick. Irene is the assistant. Silverthorn is the director, and the film is called “In the Nik of Time”… dear lord. Alana is a lonely girl from the 31st century, Nik is a boy genius from the 20th century, accidentally, and travels to Alana’s time and falls in love. Awwww. It is with that story that they claim they need access to the building to film, oh, and a lot of Silverthorn’s ill-gotten money.

In 2500 Petey is in the moddie-cage about to have his neurons scrambled, and Jenny is next in line. Jenny distracts bubbly controller and places Petey on the console with instructions to frig around with the machine to prevent the modification, something PJ isn’t sure it can do, but it does manage to explode the console while Petey is moddied.
Petey blankly responds to the walk commands, so we conclude he must be zombified. Jenny tries to plead with her to reverse it, but she says she’s only following orders. Jenny dusts off the old “ordered to jump off a bridge” chestnut, which I guess was lost in the intervening 500 years, because the controller just says “Don’t be ridiculous” but then looks doubtful. Petey stands unresponsive, and you just know he’s going to wink or something… wait for it… wait for it…. episode ends. dammit.

The Great Disaster Begins

So I guess they don’t manage to thwart the beginning of the Great Disaster then, eh? Anyway, we find Jenny still trying to get a rise out of Petey, and he steps on her shoe, ah, I knew he’d be alright (and so did everyone else, I mean, come on, PJ did it).

So dressed up for their low budget movie, the 1990 bunch return to the pre-Globecorp office to set up. Alana is done up in an silly bow, and Nik is wearing stereotypical geek glasses. To keep up appearances, they pretend to act out a scene, and it’s deadpanly, woodenly awful. They also have to kiss for this, and Nik obviously gets little excited here, but Alana turns her head away at the last moment, denying him his fantasy, but don’t worry, he gets another chance.

Kiss fail

Oh snap

Down in the lobby Eddie and a building guard are bringing up the capshul, and a little boy squirts him with a water gun, which his mother throws in the garbage, which Eddie surreptitiously recovers, which are for the reason to give to Silverthorn en lieu of the real gun he was supposed to get him, which means he’s got another dastardly plan. Alana fires up the capshul, but it complains that its energy cells are damaged and that it’s a bad idea to time travel, since a successful journey only has a 42% probability. Wow, that number comes up a lot.

Forth in 2500, Draco’s puppet master on the moon makes another call, since he missed sending the supply run. He reassures them that he’ll be sending them as soon as possible. I’m amused that the visee-screen, when seen from the back, show’s the back of her chair as she’s talking to Draco, who demanded that functionality? Jenny in the moddification room has Petey distract the controller woman, takes PJ back, but is forced to leave Petey behind yet again. Checking with PJ, Jenny has 17 minutes before the Great Disaster, that’s called a ticking clock.

Back in 1990, everyone is fighting about who gets to take the 58% chance of being stranded in time, except for Eddie who doesn’t want to go. Alana has a panic attack and runs for the bathroom, but it was a trick to lock Irene out of the office, and so it is only her, Nik and Silverthorn travelling to 2500. Now the building may have been there for 500, but what if they materialize between the floors after renovations or something.

Draco monitors the first of the supply rockets taking off, and it is already on its way to the Northern Hemisphere peace platform, when they hear the capshul boom into a nearby room. Capshul helpfully tells them that future use of its time travelling abilities (rather than I guess shelter) has only a 24% chance of success. Hey, that’s 42 with reversed digits. I think someone was a Douglas Adams fan. They rush Draco’s office, and get captured, typically. But Jenny, with PJ’s help, shut down the building’s power, and then communicates into his office with evil-sounding voice synth that the Time Police are here. But Silverthorn betrays everyone once again, or has he? or hasn’t he? Just before Jenny is captured, she threatens to attack them with the Death Star. I guess Star Wars lost some popularity over 500 years. Normally you’re only supposed to do stuff like that when scaring people before the references existed.

Jenny is taken up to Draco’s office, and pulls the squirt gun on Draco, which Draco falls for, but it doesn’t matter, the first nuke is a minute away from the first Peace Platform. Petey also makes his escape by tricking the controller into the moddification cage. Back in the office, the first platform is destroyed, but Draco is undeterred by Alana’s arguments. I have to wonder, what was she trying to achieve in stopping the entire Great Disaster. Her own future would have been significantly changed, hell, maybe without the destruction of the northern hemisphere, no one would have gotten around to saving any part of the world. So at least at this point, time has mostly reset, if only the second launch can be stopped. However, Silverthorn betrays everyone yet yet yet again, siding with Draco, and tells him to launch the second ship. Just as it launches, main henchman cuts in saying that they are losing contact with the offices in the north, and someone from London is coming through. He says everyone is dropping dead, from a great weakness, right after the peace platform was destroyed. Now, is that supposed to be the same weakness that affected Alana and Lorien when they first went Shitty Future 1B? That’s long lasting stuff. Anyway, they try to call off the second launch, but it’s already on its way, and no way to stop it. All they have is 8 minutes, and yet there is 23 minutes of episode yet to fill.

Sydney 2500

Sydney’s never looked better

Kings of the Dinosaurs

Well, they basically gave away plot details in the title. I guess we can be all tense in anticipating who all exactly will become Kings. Anyway, as they all sit around waiting for death, the Moon base Alpha manager phones in telling us that basically everyone dying was a side effect of blowing up the Peace Platform, cellular disrupters are hanging in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, assuming that they are still there in Shitty Future 1B and that’s what affected Alana and Lorien back in the first episode of this series, shouldn’t they have been there in Alana’s timeline? I mean, they might have deactivated them, but shouldn’t they have known more about the Great Disaster than they apparently do? The conversation’s conclusion is that basically Earth will die, and so will the moon soon after. Silverthorn and Drago run off to use the time gate to escape, but Alana, pissed off, uses a sliding door to trap Silverthorn enough to take back the remaining transducers. Alana tries to get PJ to interface with the computer, but it zaps her, so Nick and Jenny come up with a plan: Attach PJ to the flying dildo that Petey was playing with oh so many episodes ago, and then use the transducer to push it out into space. Alana gives it a shot, but can’t quite do it and brings PJ back. I can only assume that transducers can move things very fast in order to catch up to and return back from the rocket.

Alana grabs Jenny in a shut-up-and-do-what-I-tell-you fashion, and tells her to take Nik back to 1990 with the transducers with the Capshul. The plan is to totally burn up the future, and maybe avoid 2500 at all, while Alana dies with Lorien and Petey. Jenny suggests the mind link (ah, that thing that was used once for the purpose of showing the audience that it existed before the critical time it was needed, which is also the first episode of the series so I hope everyone remembers). Alana protests, Jenny isn’t good enough, and it’s too dangerous. Jenny points out that the known consequences of not trying are worse than the unknown consequences of trying, and so they kiss (minds). Together they propel PJ into space. Meanwhile Silverthorn and Draco, after picking up Petey, still pretending to be moddied, lock themselves in a room to re-assemble the time gate.

Mind meld

My mind to your mind.
Our minds are merging
Our minds are one.
I am Kirok!

PJ reaches the ship and attempts to reset the controls, and the ship changes course, but the nuke starts to arm itself, and blows itself up with PJ. If someone had to die to bring seriousness to the situation, I guess an AI in a bracelet is sufficient. Silverthorn activates the timegate, and Draco betrays him and so on and so forth. Basically Petey is left alone for a second with the keypad, and both Draco and Silverthorn jump through the gate. They wanted 1992, but they didn’t get it. Oh, it’s that king’s thing now then? Petey reset the time coordinates to five million BC, I guess that’s far enough back that anything they can’t make a difference to timeline (Unless you nuke it, see Timeships). Alana’s training to be a badass is now complete, for when Silverthorn begs them not to leave him there, Alana says “Why not? You were going to leave us to die”, ouch. I wonder if they have anger management courses in the year 3000. Both Draco and Silverthorn fight each other trying to get back to the gate, but it shuts down after Alana, Jenny and Petey step back.

Cut to Nik and Maeve, somehow leaders of the new world, and not a Globe Cop in sight, in Draco’s office talking to the moon. Nik basically holds them hostage since the moon still isn’t self-sufficient. Alana shows off the transducer, and Maeve demands Globecorp to mass-manufacture them, and to instruct people on its use, and she relents, which makes for a fast final episode. But is it really a good idea to give everyone on the planet immediate access to a device that can easily be used as a weapon (in fact, a device that is easier used as a weapon by mistake than for its intended purpose)? Especially given that most of the people probably have scores to settle. The group reflect on what has transpired, and Petey philosophizes that perhaps this is the way events were meant to unfold. Which I think the show is trying to say too, but but but… oh forget it. Anyway, Lorien is unmoddied, and thankfully brought up to speed off-camera.

Lorien activates the timegate for Petey and Jenny, and tells them that after they return to 3000 with the capshul, time travel will be abandoned. Petey steps through, Jenny and Alana have a tearful farewell, gives Nik a sort of quick ear kiss, and steps through herself, back to Irene and Science Teacher in the office. Lorien melts down the gate, and tells the capshul to set to the year 3000 (so that is enough of a specific coordinate for it?). The capshul says that basically it’s about to run out of power, but they say they must attempt it anyway. Nik throws caution to the wind, and says asks if he and Alana and friends, she says of course, and he kisses her, with the justification “This is how friends say goodbye”. I wish I had friends like that.

Kiss win

Given the way the scene cuts, I wonder if those are stunt-lips

She gets in the capshul, says she’ll never forget him (will she forget whatever disease he just gave her, I mean he is from 2500 after all), the capshul spins and booms off. It starts sparking with awful animated colourful lightning as they travel, and if the power fails mid-jump, they’ll be stranded where-ever they come out (which is better than the instant death I would have expected). Instead of the usual boom and appearance of the capshul as it reappears, it booms and shakes in a way that you just know is caused by someone out of sight hitting the prop with a stick.


Attaining maximum RPM. Adjust pitch and yaw thrusters.. stabilize!
There, that ought to .. AHHH!

They call out for a status report from the computer, but there’s no response. They force the door and wonder out into a green world, and Lorien and Alana cheer and hug each other. Now, I would have been a little more reserved, the future still could have been fucked up, maybe their civilization died and they are stranded in an empty, if lush, world. I have to assume that they didn’t have budget for more future sets, because we never actually see anything in the future really from here on, so we never know for sure, except for a tidbit at the end.

Back in 1990, Petey and Jenny are un-inventorying most of the shop, to restock with better things for the environment (with Irene arguing), but really, if their knowledge of 2500 changed anything, they might be killing Alana’s world, if not Alana herself, as they do it. Eddie stops by in the limo to give them a card for his pool business, deciding to go legit in the end.

That night, a cloudy moon, Jenny gets out of bed and looks out the window at the moon. 1010 years later, Alana looks up at the same moon somehow, and this is the only clue that she has returned to her home, that she’s changed shirts. Jenny looks up and says “Goodbye Alana”, Alana does likewise, “Goodbye Jenny Kelly”.


1000 years can’t keep good friends apart… 1010 years however…

And so ends the series.

The ending always depressed me really. I mean, sure, they saved the world, but it’s sad for the viewer, assuming they like what they just watched 24 episodes of, because it’s over and there’s nothing more to see. And it’s not really a happy ending, everyone has to go their separate way. There was never a third series, not that I think one was ever anticipated this the second one tied up all the loose ends, and as I said in my Girl From Tomorrow blog, I never really saw any of these actors again, at least not that I recognized.

Now, I have to say I liked the first series better, I guess because it was a familiar time, with the same set of characters throughout, and they were almost always together. And also the weirdness with when time is changeable and when it “always happened that way”, that annoys me. Oh, and if the capshul isn’t supposed to travel through space, then how does it stay on the ground, when surely the orbit of the earth would have changed somewhat in a thousand years, or if the earth was on the opposite side of the orbit because you were only going a half-year back, whatever.

I doubt this show will be broadcast any time soon, as I don’t think it was particularly popular over here. I think it was Global, CBC or maybe CKVR that ran it when I was a kid, up at the summer trailer park, and the few channels our black and white TV could get. I saw the whole series end-to-end when a station showed it maybe 6 or 7 years ago, perhaps more, taped them on VHS, but those are long gone.

I hope someone out there is amused by all this writing, like a few were at the first entry. I have to wonder if Katharine Cullen ever googles herself, and if she ever stumbled on my nonsensical scribblings. All I can say is, hope this all wasn’t too creepy.

Only 491 years until Canada gets wiped out. I’d best start packing.


  1. Thanks for this post. do you know about another good adventure-scifi series (from Australia or from another countries)?

    Comment by d. — 2009-11-02 @ 16:32:01

  2. hello, thanks for all this …… and this was not creepy!
    where is your the girl from tomorrow blog? the link i mean!
    i’ll be back for your answer
    have a good day

    Comment by wido — 2009-12-28 @ 13:59:26

  3. i know this is a blog, but you talk about comment, and participation.
    i saw just that i’m second one who made a comment !

    Comment by wido — 2009-12-29 @ 05:19:41

  4. I wasn’t getting notifications of comments, so I missed these.

    The only other scifi-ish thing I know about that I think is australian is the Spellbinder series, which I never really got into. Another decent series that is more fantasy but still on the kids adventure level is The Odyssey, a canadian show that was pretty interesting during the first couple seasons, then fell off a cliff on season 3.

    The girl from tomorrow blog is only a search for “girl from tomorrow” away.

    Comment by 19day — 2010-02-14 @ 19:21:55

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