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Waterloo Unlimited

Filed under: General — 19day @ 07:57:44

So apparently my alma mater has decided to rebrand itself.

Here is the comparison between the old and new logo I swiped from The Register (I’m surprised a British tech column would cover this).

Waterloo logo comparison

“No, shoot the streamers right at the camera, then I’ll take a picture”

I think it looks awful. I mean, they’re just trying to “hip” the place up a bit, I know, but people can detect that effect, and react badly to it. The old logo has a heraldic air to it, representative of an old institution (though the place itself isn’t that old) but that’s the feeling they should be trying to get across. Ivy takes time to grow.

They say the new logo isn’t really the new logo, but a transitional state along to whatever they end up using. I hope they ditch the laser beam rainbow.


  1. I really hope this is a joke.

    Comment by Chris — 2009-07-24 @ 10:13:46

  2. Just be happy you already have your diploma, think how those who get one with that logo would feel. Hang that in your office and it will look like you bought a diploma online.

    Comment by i.stewart — 2009-07-25 @ 12:07:17

  3. needs a lens flare

    Comment by Ian — 2009-08-02 @ 12:07:05

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