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Ghyme?… ooooooh.., Ghyme!

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:34:34

There have been a few things going on recently… I know I haven’t updated in a hell of a long time, but mostly that’s because the things going on were both fairly large, and dwarfed other issues that I might have blogged about. One is embarrassing so I won’t share. One is related to work so I won’t share. And one is related to relationship challenges, which I’ve learned is utterly useless to share, so I won’t.

The only thing of note interesting is that I’ve finally joined the gym thats in our building. It’s a proper gym, not some dinky thing set up by the company (the time of thing I’ve seen first hand at places when I was a co-op). Salman (ex-coworker, “Hi” if you’re reading) was on my case for months and months, and people before that as well. It’s been on my list of things to do for.. oh.. 2 years now I guess. But it’s always one thing or another that makes me say I’ll do it later. But recently one of my co-workers left, T-dot (a nickname), and she used to go to the gym with a co-worker, they provided cross-motivation. But now she’s alone, and has induced me to be T-dot’s gym replacement, which is just as well, since I desperately need to get in some sort of shape other than spheroid.

But, as I’ve heard, “A beginning is a very delicate time”, since I’ve only actually been to the gym twice since joining (on Tuesday). Wednesday I couldn’t go due to work. I spent around 1 hour the first time, and around 2 hours today. It’s good because it’s actually not that busy, and there are many many machines always available. Though the eliptical machine I like to use has an irratating feature… it reads your heart rate through the handles (pretty spiffy, the other ones I used elsewhere didn’t do that), but then it knows what your heart rate should be, so if you go above it, it beeps at you. To get to the machines, you have to go up two flights of stairs, I had done that, gotten a drink of water, chose out my machine, and got started. As it started, it told me what my ideal heartrate is for weight-loss, and my heart rate was basically just a beat or two below that to start with. I take that as a bad sign. But I suppose it’s the results of stair climbing (of which I have no endurance), and I have a crappy recovery time. I’m sure sitting still my heartrate isn’t quite as high, otherwise I should be burning fat all the time or some such, heh. Anyway, my realistic goal is that I probably won’t lose any significant amount of weight because I still eat like crap and have no self-control, but to keep working out anyway, since I’d rather die of an stroke hunched over some peice of excersize equipment, than die of it while sitting on the couch watching Simpsons with my fingers stained orange from eating Doritos. My lofty unattainable goal is a loss of mass between 33% at the least, to 50% at the most (I’d want to go into the 110%, figuring if I went into the negatives I’d have more wiggle-room with my regiment, but I figure I’d keep impossibilities aside)

Anyway, I’ve read a few news stories (which I can’t cite because I seem to have lost the URLs, and I don’t feel like searching), but one was talking about how being fat was contagious. Fat people make their friends fat, presumably by not ridiculing them whenever they eat something, and being non-judgmental, oh well. The other one, and more relavent for me, is a news story suggesting that people perceive fat people as having some sort of horrible infection, so that the disdain they have for them is like a mid-brain or brainstem response, like the revulsion one feels when seeing someone with horrific burns all over their body or something. So all together, this makes us lepers I guess. It’s one of those things I don’t expect a thin person (or ‘Normies’ as I call you) to understand.

In other news, I have a rather busy set of weekends coming up. This weekend is a Japanese themed food-trough featuring sushi, but I won’t have to punch Curtis in the face, he’s making chicken bits too, hehe. And the weekend after that is a trip to Niagara (actually occurring on the Sunday-Tuesday), leaving my team staffless (I’m the only one at the moment), so hopefully nothing goes wrong. And then the next weekend, John has invited us up to his cottage again, where hopefully the woodland creatures don’t try to take revenge because of last time when a deer was unfortunately ended, and the car in the shop ever since.

And I feel like linking a few things, so I’ll link this Penny Arcade comic because I find it oddly hilarious.

And here’s an interesting youtube I found giving the progression of intro sounds of Windows.
My favorites are definitely from Windows 95 and 98, they both sound like they were ripped out of Zork Nemesis to me. The Windows 2000/ME to me sound like return-from-commercial muzak from Canada AM.
The funniest thing about it (to me) is that the author of the clip put, at the end, the 3.1 and the Vista ones again, as if to show “how far we’ve come” or something. But I interpret it differently… the 3.1 sound is the cheezy but appropriate Tada sound. The Vista one almost, to me, sounds like what would happen if you told someone to take Tada and make it sound harmonious, etheric, nebulous, and with more beats, etc. Tuuuuhhhaaaaaa….ddddddaaaaahaaaa. Or I’m just crazy, either is good.

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