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Harry Potter and the Flattering Portrait

Filed under: General — 19day @ 01:43:43

Alicia came over tonight, to get together, and she gave me birthday presents. Went to a nearby Starbucks where I opened them. She gave me a card where she wished me a 27th birthday, which surprised me since I was 26 (she added a disclaimer to the card when I showed her), hehe. She also got me a copy of the last Harry Potter book, as a pre-order, so I along with untold thousands of people can finally finish the books (it’s amazing how I can casually read the first one on a bet, and then go on to own them all, hah). And a touching gift of a portrait of me in a nice frame. She caught my flattering side, which is no *actual* side exactly, but an imagined side, as I think her rendering made me look thinner. I’m going to hang it on me wall so the cat doesn’t get it.

Shawn, in Pencil, by Alicia

In the source photo, my mouth was open,
the same could be said about most photos of me.

We watched Knocked Up, which I enjoyed, Alicia thought it was so-so. The trick is all these types of movies have typical plots, which is sort of what makes them romantic comedies. Though my favorite of this kind I think is Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human (which seems to have a lower score, whatever). Then we had dinner and I took her home (that is I went on the TTC with her and watched, including a very very packed bus with a driver experimenting with instant acceleration).

It’s starting to get hot here, I think I need to get a few bottles of Drysol, put it in the tub, and soak in it (and eventually scream, I think).

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