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The Roaming Plant

Filed under: General — 19day @ 00:34:36

I decided to take my new camera out for a spin, to work, to take pictures of co-workers, including a sort of mascot plant now in my possession, named later in life Penelope. But she’s had a hard life. Passed around from one owner to the next.


Will this plant ever bloom

No one knows her origin other than Jen, who will not speak of it. She kept the African Violet in her cube for quite some time. Apparently the only water it ever got was because of another person called Jason, who later left, and the plant started to die.

One day I was talking to Colleen, Jen’s cube-neighbour, and we happened to mention the plant, and to our surprise when we looked over (to acknowledge the plant we were talking about) the plant was gone. It’s new home was the trash. Colleen rescued it, but soon after she left, so then another person named Mike claimed Penelope, and one day he left too. I inherited this plant, on the mend, but still in bad shape. I incubated Penelope under a light, and Elena, my cube-neighbour, brought little plant food sticks, special sprays, and also gave the plant new soil. And the poor plant is really doing well. Actually, the leaves are crowding each other a bit now.

One day, Penelope shall bloom, one day…

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