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The Drummer is Pretty Cute Too

Filed under: General — 19day @ 23:13:09

There is lots to talk about, and I haven’t updated in a while, but honestly, I’m too tired. It’s very possible I’ll have just oodles of time to write in this thing very soon, but if and when that occurs, I’ll just post this.

Years ago when I lived in Ottawa, Ricmoo was, and still is, a mediaphile, and one of the things he showed us was this music video that for some reason intrigued me, but then I forgot about it, never knew what it was, and life went on.

Until a certain Simpsons episode parodied it:

And here is the actual video:

You just have to love practical effects.

Hopefully youtube doesn’t pull these videos. I was in the middle of watching Odyssey 5 episodes when they all got pulled, ugh.

Bonus video – Grace Kelly

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