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The more things stay the same, the more things change

Filed under: General — 19day @ 08:22:10

Woke up late today, got home late last night from a date. Yeah, a date, not the consumable, but the activity. I wasn’t sure if I should write this entry, since it’s a bit voyeuristic, plus she’d probably be annoyed, but for the moment she doesn’t know about this site or the blog, so hopefully she’ll be receptive once we’ve solidified our relationships.

I met her at work, her name is Kristen, but she prefers Kris for some reason. I dunno, it’s only down to one syllable from two, so it’s not like it’s saving any time. Anyway, that’s her real name anyway, as she’s chinese so that’s just her english name. Yeah, me and the chinese (or generally oriental), I guess my genes are seeking out a little hybrid vigour. She a developer for another group at my company, so I never actually see her day to day, but we met at last month’s company cake-day. I’d like to say I wooed her as a complete stranger, but a couple of coworkers who dragged me down there (I don’t like going for the cake… look at the fat man eat cake, wooo) knew her and so we grouped together. I guess I got her attention, or maybe one of my co-workers who knew of my single-status helped goose things along, but we chatted a lot longer than I think the company intended for the cake-break.

Anyway, I somehow got enough confidence to ask her out. Oh, of course, it wasn’t phrased like that, just if she felt like doing something, and she actually agreed. I won’t go into the details of the actual events, since I embarrassed myself a few times, and I’d like to hold back a bit. Also, despite my acceptance of modern day feminism, I felt kind of weird being driven around. I need to get myself a car. When she dropped me off at 3am last night, we kissed. I was nervous about the possibility of that, because I’ve been told in the past I was a terrible kisser (when I was taken unawares one new year), if even I should consider it a kiss, that was more of a peck. This was a kiss, we said our goodbyes and she left.

I guess over the coming week I’ll try to set up another one. I just have to keep things slow and not say anything stupid this time. I have to keep my feelings from the past from surfacing with her, as that’s, apparently, driven people away in the past. I’m still in shock really… and the worst part of this entire post is that it’s completely made up, there is a date here, check it, and be fooled, april fooled that is. If anyone is interested in why I picked the name Kristen, it’s because a) it’s not someone who could read this and think I was secretly pining for them, and b) it’s the name of a girl I had a crush on in middle school, so why not. I decided not to use the bad luck of a girl who’s name ends in ‘a’.

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  1. OMG shittay… I was actually so happy for you, then I got to the end… it’s okay, my April Fool’s was I think a whole lot worse than yours… I got stood up that night, and the resulting morning was, well, hellish. I’ll tell you in a Facebook msg if you like, but not here :P

    Comment by Christina — 2007-05-13 @ 21:36:21

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