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website changes and current events

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:14:14

If anyone actually visits this site, they might notice that I’ve gotten rid of the long standing frames. Now the menu is a div element and sits to the left and CSS tries to mimic the effect of the frame. I’ve tested this in NS 7 and IE 6, but haven’t had my own comp on the net for the holiday so I’ll have to make sure Firefox doesn’t barf on it.

As for what I’ve been doing the past few days: Watching endless Red Dwarf episodes, got seasons 1-4 for xmas, now on to M*A*S*H season 7. And I’ve been working on yet another animation for my brother, for DVD’s he’s trying to make. He wanted a scene with an infinite number of lockers, that the viewpoint zooms through, basically a rip off of the Matrix effect when they are in the pre-area and ask for guns, and the infini-racks appear. Doing that with carefully constructed lockers is near impossible with 3d studio, as to make it converge to the horizon, you need a lot of them, and the system just bogs down. So for the zooming part, just using long strips with locker texture on them… the result is…….. less than sucessful, but tweaking remains to be done.

Poor computer wasn’t meant for such abuse. I need more memory.

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