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Two Monitors Means Twice the Replacement Cost

Filed under: General — 19day @ 22:03:06

So not very long ago I got dual monitors going on my system. And very shortly ago, one decided to die on me.

What it did was occasionally not wake up from sleep mode, and when I told it not to ever sleep again, that kept it going for a while, but I turned it off one morning, and when I came home, it wouldn’t turn on again. Alas, it was the first of the dual monitors, and maybe it was its time.

But now it appears the time has come again.

stupid monitor

This normally is a solid colour, but my monitor has decided to liven it up a bit

It first happened when I alt-tabbed out of Half Life, which I had just bought. I thought maybe my graphics card was starting to pooch itself. But the problem doesn’t show up in screenshots, and the second monitor wasn’t affected. Further, taking the DVI cable out of the affected monitor and putting it into the second and switching source shows no issue. So I’m willing to think, hopefully, for the moment, that it’s not my video card dying, but somehow the monitor.

Once bit of evidence against is that the OSD for the bad monitor looks fine, but it still could be an issue between the moment the DVI signal arrives, and when it gets turned into a picture.

After a while when I first saw this, it just went away. Then it happened again when I locked my computer, went to work, came home, still was happening, and then went away moments after taking the above picture.

I might just swap the monitors cables if it happens again, since I’m hoping whatever ails the DVI mode hasn’t affected the VGA. But if it is the monitor, then that’s the second time in as many months I’ve had to replace one.

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