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This is a late entry on this, work has taken over my life recently, but has eased off now.

Anyway, the saturday after my birthday, I was surprised. See, Curtis had planned a farewell gathering, but I decided to use it as my birthday event, if only to be called that to fake people out since in recent years I have no planned birthday events. He planned a picnic potluck on Center Island for himself, myself, and Alicia. However, it turned out to be one of the rarely used Surprise Potlucks, in that he had arranged for others to be there as well, such as Brett, Terra and Willy from univerisity days, and John who’s own birthday celebration was to be later that evening. It was completely unexpected.

We went to the island, it was a very nice day, a little hot in the sun but shade was easily found if you dodged the red ants. We had our picnic and then went on a walk about, ending it with checking out Centerville. I had never been there before, looked like it would have been fun, were I 20 some odd years younger, hehe. Our group dwindled over the course of the afternoon, and ended at lo’la which is where John had this event. It was a full rich day.

Curtis also made me a blueberry pie, it was very good. 9 Thumbs Up.

Alas, Curtis is now far flung working as a second-cook (if I recall correctly) at a hotel near Lake Louise. Not sure when we will encounter him again, but apparently he can swing deals for us making it financially possible for us to visit him. He is pursuing his dream, and I think he is really the first one of our friends that I feel has acheived that. Some of us haven’t even identified the dream yet, let alone have made strides to pursue it.

Meanwhile, Alicia, Laura and I have finally booked our trip to Greece. It’s been at the top of all our travel-lists for years. Sunbathing in the dominican or cuba may appeal to me one day when I’ve lost 928 lbs, but right now I’m more interested in scenic and, dare I say, educational tours. In High School I took Classical Civ. all the way up through OAC. In fact, that OAC was the first I had gone for, in Grade 11. I didn’t do so well, it was more work that I could really conceive of. Even more than my Roman course in University some years later. Nice. So I’m interested in visiting a place I learned about, even if more of that book learnin’ has since evapourated.

I’ll need to get my camera sorted before the trip. It’s an Exilim EX-Z75, and it’s being a pain in the ass. A long while ago, the battery failed to charge, it would just flash in the charger, which websites identified as a defective battery. A few weeks ago, my brother obtained another one from Henry’s. It was the right model (NP-20), but on inserting into the charger, it flashed as well. Luckily he got a warantee on it… but somehow I think getting another one won’t work. It could be the charger at this point. When I go back to Henry’s, I want them to prove to me that the battery is fine.

This is Kermit the Frog returning you to your regularly-scheduled program.

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