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Recreational Impossibilities

Filed under: General — 19day @ 16:48:42

I’ve actually been up to a reasonable amount of stuff recently, and more to come.

Last wednesday, I went to a Raptor’s game. Yes, I’m as surprised as anyone. Friend Brett asked me to go when tickets awared to a coworker trickled down since apparently no one likes basketball except him. And in desperation he asked me if I wanted to go. I assume desperation since anyone who knows me probably knows how much I enjoy spectating sports, heh, but I decided to go, since it was something I had never done before. It was enjoyable enough, though I didn’t know anything about the teams or the players, or even, to my horror, the length of the game. See, I always thought they played in some sort of quarters but they were called periods or something, and assumed that it all added up to an hour. But no, of the four periods, they are each 12 minutes. So something I would normally joke about (like wondering where the puck is at a football game, or shout out ‘he made another score-point’) suddenly bit me. Oh well. Unfortunately, the Raptors lost, but I was amused at the Raptors mascot attempt to get the audience to clap in response to his drum. One attempt was so pathetic he threw the drum to the ground and walked off. I also found myself getting into the game, shouting when the Raptors defence screwed up once more.

The next day I went to a company event at Spacco’s, a bar/billiard place we’ve been to before (both with friends and company functions). I only stayed for an hour, I really don’t know that many people at work, at least, well enough to stand around and talk to about things other than work, and all that makes migling an excersize of futility and trying to make it look like my fidgitting hands are normal, yeah.

On Sunday, I went to ‘The Beaches’ with Alicia. She warned me that it wasn’t all that great there, but it seemed fine to me. One thing was at a cafe patio a guy came up, said excuse me, and held up a flash card explaining the dire straights he was in and could we give him money. That was a new one for me. Oh, sure, big signs to get attention like “need money”, but not flash cards. But he was on the patio, thus interfering with customers, so I declined giving him anything. Alicia did, so I probably look like some sort of cheap monster or something. He probably targetted us since he thought I’d give money to him to look generous in front of her, heh. Now, on the street, I’ve done it, many times, if I actually have the change (I tend to rely on debit card). But I didn’t want to encourage him to basically walk into a business (patio is part of the cafe dammit) and successfully beg. Probably sounds terrible. Fine.

Anyway, then we went walking along the beach for a while, sat down on large rocks and talked for a while. The weather was nice, though the sun seemed a little feabler than I would have expected. Not a cloud in the sky, but it was getting colder and colder. We went for dinner a while later, adn then for ice-cream, and I managed to have it melt all over my shirt and pants, I’m some kind of classy guy. I walked her home, and by that I mean we went all the way from the beaches to her place which is far north (on the TTC of course), then I took a bus west a little then the subway all the way back to Yonge and Eglinton. She had originally described her route as seedy and wanted to leave before dark, but it was well dark before we left. I always feel more comfortable walking her home, the protection-instint runs high. While I was there I saw some pictures of her recent trip to Japan, and got a cute little porcelain cat that works like a bell she got me as a souvenir. All and all a nice day, one of the best ones in recent, or even moderately distant memory, heh.

And upcoming, friday I’m leaving with her and others for a trip to Montreal, woot vacation (short though it may be)

If I don’t come back, avenge my death.

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