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He’s the Angriest Gamer You’ve Ever Heard…

Filed under: General — 19day @ 21:45:58

He’s the Angry Nintendo Nerd…

(screw it, I know it’s Angry Videogame Nerd now, but I don’t like the rhythm of that)

If you don’t know where this reference comes from, I think it’s time you begun… he’s a guy that reviews old games (mostly Nintendo but he’s branching out, I really hope he gets to ET on atari) and comments on how horrible they are. Not because they are old, but because they sucked.

Warning though, it’s really quite profane at times, but man, it’s funny. Not the profanity, kind of goes over the top on that front, but the rest of it.

Like, I’d say my favorite part is his review of Friday the 13th, the fail-gameover screen says “You and your friends are dead, game over”. He’s amazed at how it comes out with it, … no one dies in video games, but there it is… his suggestion for a sequel. “You’re dead, your friends are dead, your family’s dead, your fucking pets are being skinned alive, your mom’s a fucking whore, you suck at life, the whole world hates you, you’re going to hell, live with it. Game over” Priceless

Here is a review of Ghostbusters, which is probably one of the overall funnier ones. The ending always makes me laugh…

And here is the link to his site where you can see the others. I suggest you do.

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