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“I think you’re *cool* Homer Simpson”

Filed under: General — 19day @ 07:17:28

I’m starting to dislike toronto, this time it’s just in terms of the number of people in it, making it statistically more likely for certain things I don’t like to happen to happen rather quickly and almost certainly often.

Was crossing the street to get to my bus stop after work, and this car wasn’t stopping very well, in that it stopped at the light halfway into my little crossing zone, so I went around them. And two girls were in there (might have been more, couldn’t see, nor did I want to) and one of them sticks their head out of the window and starts calling “hey sexy” at me… there was no one else crossing, nor any other cars stopped, and they were saying it right at me, so there was no confusion as to who this was directed towards.

I kept walking, not looking back at them, and she kept shouting more, “hey..” something, I couldn’t tell, maybe “sexy”, maybe worse. But I just don’t understand why people must do that kind of thing, insult them by telling them things in complete contradiction to the truth. Do people have nothing better to do?

In case the reader has no idea why I would be annoyed at this, please refer to the title quote of this blog for an example which also does well as an analogy.

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