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Graphics A1 defeated

Filed under: Graphics — 19day @ 01:05:50

Finished my first real graphics assignment… spent so much time in the lab… utter waste though, did all this extra crap, and it’s not worth anything mark-wise, but I hope the experience is worth something in the end.

Here is a picture:


You might think this is a 3d version of tetris… it is not, check the window name… this is Tetrominoes… legally distinct :P

Yeah, we had to do this game for A1. A2 looks less visually exciting, but I’m sure it will raise the bar in the utter-futility factor.

Addendum: Here is the manual for interested parties.

school days

Filed under: General — 19day @ 00:57:46

Been a while, time to play catch up (so much for me updating this more often)

Back at school, already falling behind in my studies. Here are my courses and a brief description:

  • CS488: Graphics: Death… nuff said
  • CLAS202: Roman life, fairly interesting
  • HIST200: History in Film (with feminist twist) More death, but in a constant nitpickery work sort of way. Will have to do more research (non-web) for a project than I’ve ever had to do ever, in university, to this point, cumulatively. But I get to watch movies,… but there will be group work.. and I hate people… damn.
  • ANTH101: Intro to anthropology. Lotta talking, thus lot of note taking, factoids and nitty stuff, just hope the exams go well
  • PHIL208: Philosophy through science fiction, more work, more (much more) reading… and a lot of plato and aristotle that I just can’t stand anymore, but other authors are alright.

So very tired

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